In Review: He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #4

Keldor travels to the Eternia of the 1980s Filmation cartoon series!

Synopsis: Keldor travels to the Eternia of the 1980s Filmation cartoon series! Still reeling from a tragic loss last issue, Keldor and He-Man must find the legendary Star Seed-the last power in the universe able to destroy Anti-He-Man before he claims another Castle Grayskull!

Review: The movie version of He-Man and Kelder find themselves in the classic He-Man universe from the classic 80s series.

The Story

Having lost their companion aka Looking Up He-Man in the last issue. The movie version of He-Man and Kelder find themselves having to deal with their grief in the cheerful and chipper universe of the classic 80s He-Man series, but their grieving process is interrupted by the Anti-He-Man who makes his move on stealing the Starseed, which will give him ultimate power over time and space. He doesn’t count on Movie He-Man putting up a fierce fight or the Skeletor of the Filmation universe also making a play for the Starseed.

The Artwork

Tom Derenick does a wonderful job with the art in this issue and manages to convey the feel and look of the classic 80s animated series, which pretty much started the He-Man franchise off. His drawings of Man At Arms and Orco are absolutely spot on as is his take on the 80s version of He-Man and Prince Adam.

A strange side effect of this series of adventures is the fact that Kelder is gradually getting more and more like Skeletor as he encounters the various different versions of himself in other universes. The drawing that closes out this issue is pretty chilling. As we see a face that is half Keldor and half Skeletor.


Tim Seeley’s narrative has been thankfully fairly easy to follow with each issue, which is a miracle given that with it being set in a different universe in each issue it could be a lot more complex. I really liked the good humor in this issue and the cheesy jokes coming for Orco who was looking to have Holidays named after him. This immediately made this issue feel like the animated show that I remembered watching as a kid in the 80s. So this was a rather nostalgic issue for me.

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #4
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