In Review: He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #3

Prince Keldor’s pursuit of Anti-He-Man leads him and the He-Men of alternate worlds to an Eternia conquered by Skeletor

Synopsis: Prince Keldor’s pursuit of Anti-He-Man leads him and the He-Men of alternate worlds to an Eternia conquered by Skeletor, where they must team with unlikely allies to save Castle Grayskull!

Review: This issue sees a major victory for the Anti-He-Man and a major casualty for our heroes.

The Story

Keldor and the two He-Men make it to an Eternia and a Castle Greyskull that is ruled by Skeletor and almost immediately find themselves prisoners. Keldor tries to warn Skeletor about the Anti-He-Man and the danger that he presents, but the warning falls on deaf ears as Skeletor brags about the staff that he has created, which helped him take Castle Greyskull and exile his universes, He-Man, to a ghost-like existence.

In the bowels of Greyskull, the two He-Men meet Captain of the Guard Teela, who was very much the love interest of He-Man in the animated shows of the 80s and beyond. While they talk both the He-Men confess that they regretted keeping their secret that they were really Prince Adam from her, which is seemingly the one thing that is constant to all He-Men from across the Multiverse.

The Artwork

The wonderful visuals from the team of Dan Fraga and Tom Derenick continue. We get a great glimpse of quite a few iconic villains from the animated shows, which include King Hssss and his snake-men. The best artwork though includes a panel in which the rather cute and somewhat Minecraft looking He-Man gets impaled on the end of Ant-He-Man’s sword. And we get some wonderful visuals of a bit of a physical confrontation between Keldor and Skeletor as they engage in a game of my staffs bigger than your staff. It’s all fist-pumping stuff.


Tim Seeley’s journey through the different eras of He-Man continues and this latest issue had a little of everything. Unfortunately, we lose one of the two regular He-Men from this series, but plenty more where that came from. So I am not shedding any tears.

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #3
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