In Review: He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #2

Keldor and his two He-Man Buddies must save Starship Eternia from the Anti He-Man.

Synopsis: Prince Keldor and his two He-Man comrades leap headfirst into a new adventure, which is an oh-so-subtle way of telling you that we’re doing…wait for it… Space He-Man! Now the three travelers must stop the Anti-He-Man before he tears the haunted power core out of the heart of starship Eternia!

Review: This issue introduces me to another He-Man and we also get to see another version of Skeletor.

The Story

Picking up from where issue one left off. Young Keldor and his two He-Man buddies find themselves onboard the Starship Eternia where they must seek out the ship’s power core and stop the Anti-He-Man from nicking it. But things get complicated when they run up against this universes version of Skeletor who sabotages their efforts in order to try and take it for himself. Ideally, before the Anti-He-Man can get it. This makes for an interesting twist as young Keldor meets an older and more powerful version of himself in this new Skeletor.

The Artwork

Dan Fraga gives us a few great panels in this issue. The panels where the older Skeletor removes his face mask to reveal his skull makes for a really fun facial expression when we see a look of shock on the younger Keldor’s face. But it’s a panel close to the end of the book, which shows us a really angry younger version of Keldor, which is going to have readers questioning whether or not he will turn on his two travel companions now that he has possession of Skeletors staff. The image I am talking about has Keldor standing with an enraged look on his face after having just witnessed the Anti-He-Man kill these universes Skeletor aka the older version of Keldor.


Storywise this isn’t really doing much for me. The only element that is keeping me interested at present is the evolution of the younger Keldor that is working with the two He-Men. Other than that have not really gotten too much from the Anti-Man, which seems to be just somewhat contrived to give he two good He-Men something other than Skeletor to go up against. I am also missing other characters such as Man-At-Arms and Teela and it also seemed somewhat wasteful writing Battle Cat out in the first issue. Hopefully, we get to see other versions of some of those characters in the next issue. This issue was okay I suppose, just nothing that had me going wow. It just wasn’t anywhere near as strong as the opening issue.

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #2
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