In Review: Hawkeye: So This Is Christmas

Wilson Fisk, the Kingpen, is back, and running New York City via the Tracksuit Mafia and various people in power.

Synopsis: In So This is Christmas. Wilson Fisk, the Kingpen, is back, and running New York City via the Tracksuit Mafia and various people in power.


The Story

Fisk meets with Kate’s mother. Eleanor Bishop wants to sever her relationship with Kingpin, which started when her husband died, and Kingpin demanded she repays his debts. She paid him off many times, but found herself forever in debt to him. It’s revealed that she killed Armand, and framed her fiancé, Jack Duquesne, for the murder.

Clint Barton gives Kate everything she wants. He calls her his partner, lets her in on his plan to get Kingpin, and tells her he’s not going anywhere until it’s finished. He invites her to help him make more trick arrows, many using Stark to Pym tech. They plan to crash a big holiday party where Kingpin will be.

Jack, wielding his sword, is released from prison, and shows up to the holiday party. Yelena shows up at the party as well.


A little Help From The LARPers And Maya Has Kingpin Figured Out

Our favorite LARPers, Grills, and the Guild are stationed in the room with the party. Kazi shoots into the party from another building, trying to kill Clint. The LARPers don costumes to help evacuate the building.

Maya figures out that Kingpin was responsible for putting the hit out on her father, and that Kazi, who displays more loyalty to Fisk than to her, was in on it. She gets into fights with Kazi and Kingpin, theoretically killing each of them. Of course, since there were no funeral scenes for either, we can expect one or both to reappear in future Marvel productions.


“Stop making me like you.”

“Stop making me like you.” Meanwhile, Kate sees Yelena going after Clint, and follows her onto an elevator to stop her. The exchange, like all the other exchanges between the two, was hilarious, with Kate attempting to push all the buttons on the elevator, while Yelena tries to stop her.

After battling Yelena throughout the building, Kate jumps out of a window to follow her, be ends up in a fight with the Tracksuits. Jack Duquesne comes to her rescue, fighting them off with his sword.

Escaping from more Tracksuits, Clint jumps out of a window and lands in the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller center. Kate uses arrows to knock down tree with Clint in it. She uses magnetic arrows to disarm the Tracksuits. The LARPers join them as Clint reveals he’s wearing his new costume. A conflict ensues with Clint and Kate prevailing with their trick arrows.

As Kazi tries to kill Clint, Yelena inadvertently saves him when he attacks him. Clint tells her about Natasha sacrificing herself to save the world. After persuading her that there was nothing he could have done to stop Natasha, Yelena gives up on killing him.

Eleanor wants to find Kate, but Kingpin interferes. Kate fights Kingpin, who seems indestructible. He breaks all her trick arrows, but she triggers the ones at his feet with the flip of a button, as trained to do by Clint. Kingpin escapes, but Maya shoots him. Odds are Kingpin will be back, though when he said “Sometimes family doesn’t see eye to eye,” one gets the sense that she may have shot him in the eye. Perhaps he’ll have something in common with Daredevil.


“Is This what Heroes Do?”

“Is this what heroes do? Arrest their mothers on Christmas?” Eleanor is arrested for the murder of Armand Duquesne III.

Jack Duquesne, who seems exhilarated by his adventure in swordplay against the Tracksuits, is invited to team with the LARPers.

Clint brings Kate home to his family. He gives Laura the watch, which is from SHIELD. On the back is the number 19, which is the agent number of Mockingbird.

Clint and Kate burn the Ronin suit. She tries to come up with a superhero name. Clint suggests Hawkeye.


The Post Credits Scene

Post credit scene: They actually went there. We are assaulted with a full performance of “Save This City” by the cast of ROGERS: The Musical. Let’s hope nobody actually decides to make this musical, because damn!


The Acting

All top-notch acting. Vincent D’Onofrio chewed up the scenery. Vera Farmiga was masterful in straddling between concerned mother and self-interested manipulator. The weakest performance was by Alaqua Cox as Maya, who basically glares through the episode, but considering this is her first real acting job, she’s not so bad, and the glare fits her character’s circumstances. The rapport between Florence Pugh and Hailee Steinfeld is marvelous and a major highlight of the series. Let’s hope they eventually team up in future adventures.


CGI & Effects


The CGI and effects are excellent, from the owl taking the Pym-tiny truck, to the countless trick arrows, to Kate felling the giant Christmas tree.




This was a chaotic episode, mostly consisting of elaborate, often funny fight sequences. The best scenes were between Kate and Yelena, but we know other characters will resurface. Echo/Maya will have her own Disney+ series. We know Kingpin will return. Even Kazi, who was an underdeveloped character, is likely to show up again if a story calls for it.


Hawkeye: So This Is Christmas
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