In Review: Hawkeye (S1 – EP3) – Echoes

Clint and Kate Join Forces Against An Expanding Criminal Conspiracy (Spoilers ahead)

Synopsis: The third episode of Hawkeye introduces us to the backstory Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), aka Echo. Maya is close to her father, who is kind and supportive of her, helping her to function as a deaf child in a hearing world. She also trains in martial arts, using her keen observational skills to easily best bigger opponents. As a teenager, she witnessed Ronan kill her father, and becomes determined to avenge him.

The Story

Clint and Kate, still being held captive by the Tracksuit Mafia in an old, abandoned  KB Toy Store, meet Maya for the first time. Unaware that Clint is Ronan, she wants him kept alive. She both notes that he has a hearing aid, crushing it asserting that he will function better without it. This renders Clint functionally deaf.  Despite this,the two manage to escape, leading to a rather entertaining car chase through New York City and onto the Manhattan Bridge, complete with trick arrows. Through the chase, we see a putty, exploding, plunger, Octo, acid, smoke, Pym (expanding), USB, and grapple arrows.

After getting Clint’s hearing aid repaired, he and Kate go to her mother’s home to find more info on Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton). Perhaps it’s Maya’s uncle, who is most likely Kingpin. Before they can dig deeply into researching, their access to that info is denied, and Hawkeye encounters a sword wielding Duquesne, aka Sword Master.

The Acting

Once again, the acting is top notch. Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld play well off each other. Renner is especially good as the conflicted Clint, who is stuck trying to get the Ronan suit back, while trying to get home to his family for Christmas, and struggling with his deafness. Zahn McClarnon stands out as Maya’s  father.


Another fine installment of the miniseries, complete with appropriate Christmas musical soundtrack, a comedic chase sequence, and theatrical special effects. That said, this is still largely a world-building episode, where clearly the big twists are yet to come.

Hawkeye (S1 - EP3) – Echoes
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