In Review: Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1


Synopsis: Amanda McKee, aka Livewire, has fought battles all of her life. She was once Toyo Harada’a right hand Harbinger, she joined Unity to protect the world, but now she is the world’s most wanted woman. Amanda attempted to broker peace with the government on behalf of the psiots that she has been mentoring. These talks were rouse to take her off the board while Omen attempted to subdue or eliminate the Willows psiots. The enemy may have made the first move, but Livewire has fired the first cannon. Now, a battle has become a war.

Review: This is what we have been waiting for! The beginning of Harbinger Wars 2 is finally here. The Renegades have been dealt crippling blow after blow. Generation Zero has been decimated. Now, The Secret Weapons psiots are targeted next. The psiots highlighted in this book have all been underestimated, and we finally see how dangerous that can be. Each of the Willows kids springs into action to defend themselves and their companions. These panels are incredibly rewarding, but it is Livewire who steals the show. Her strength isn’t solely based on her abilities. Amanda takes control of the situation with a fearless determination. It what transforms her from a hero to a general.

The art for prelude #1 is fast paced and dynamic. Seeing Amanda walk through a crowded street with all of the chaos of technology floating around her is a brilliant callback to seeing Peter Harbinger #1. Both characters are burdened with all of the confusion around them, yet there is a grace and power that emanates from Livewire. Though she is besieged constantly, Amanda shoulders the burden. Seeing Livewire connected in this way through the issue guides the reader to the climactic end perfectly. Also, the panel structure is a great evolution from what we have seen in Secret Weapons, and it showcases how breakneck the art can feel at times without feeling convoluted.

Valiant is set to deliver one hell of a knockdown this summer with their event. They have been diligently planting seeds for so long, and now the harvest has come.

Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1
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