In Review: Harbinger Wars 2 #1

Assembling the pieces.

Synopsis: The hero known as Livewire has drawn a line in the sand. After the nefarious paramilitary group Omen attacked herself and her charges, Amanda has launched an all out assault on America. U.S. satellites have been plummeting to earth. Now, friends and foes alike are being drawn to both sides of the conflict. Amanda knows that peace is preferable, but war is more likely. In conjunction with the Peter and the Renegades, psiots all around the world are being activated. These children are being hunted all over the world regardless of them being activated. Many fear that they will become weapons left unchecked. The saddest part is that with the coming war, they would have become weapons nonetheless.

Review: The first shots has been fired, and Valiant’s long-awaited event has begun. Though this first issue isn’t as bombastic as one would think, it does give you a well done overview of the major players and the stakes. The U.S. is responding to Livewire’s response to Omen’s lethal designs in . Amanda has justified her actions as not only self-defense but a warning of what was to come if hostilities were not ceased. Those closest to Livewire attempt to dissuade her from continuing her path, but survival cannot be parlayed at this juncture. It is interesting to see both sides of the argument because her opponents use fear and collateral damage (the latter with salient points) to characterize what the psiots are doing as immoral. Conversely, fighting for your independent existence makes justifying your actions second nature.

The art for issue one has a certain heft and gravity, so it puts a great deal of character emotions into focus. Peter Stanchek feels weary yet determined, Livewire emanates resolve, and her secret weapons fear the coming storm but are ready to stand and fight. All of this is conveyed through strong pencils and a muted color palette that seems insanely perfect for a story about war and loss.

Harbinger Wars 2 promises to be one hell of a ride. The term brutally devestating comes to mind, and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Harbinger Wars 2 #1
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