In Review: Harbinger Rengade #6

Swords and Psiots!

Synopsis: The Alpha was a psiot who surged in power during the first Crusades. A secret order of knights, the Brotherhood of Cuth, were tasked in eradicating the first psiot. A man who they believe to be a demon. Though the Alpha’s powers are great, the knights are given a powerful weapon to thwart his imperial designs. This is the first major battle between humans and psiots, and the world will never be the same again.

Review: This issue of Harbinger is a major departure from what he have seen in the past. The war journal approach that chronicles the knight Gerald is the perfect way to explore this ancient world. Instantly, the reader is transported to the crusades. Hearing Gerald’s account gives us insight into how the world would have seen a psiot. The brotherhood of Cuth attempted to kill him as a child. The power seems unnatural, and it would seem demonic for the era. Only giving us Gerald’s perspective also emphasizes the one-sided nature of the tale. The reader does not know the full motivations of their adversary. Yes, we can assume it is not the most benevolent, but the conversations between Gerald and the Alpha lead us to believe that all is not what it appears to be.

From page one, issue #6 does not rely on the sleek art of past issues. We are presented with a gritty sword and sorcery aesthetic that completely engulfs the senses. It really grounds the story in the appropriate era. The open landscapes are gorgeous, but the art really shines during the siege of the castle. There is so much action, panel after panel, yet everything is easy to follow. There is a sense of controlled chaos from the art team. Finally, the scene with the Alpha sitting on his throne, looking positively demonic, is the great highlight of this issue.

The Harbinger team never wastes an issue, so I am looking forward into how this old tale will have bearing in our present story. A nice departure from our regular story and totally worth the trip.

Harbinger Rengade #6
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