In Review: Harbinger Renegade #8

The Renegades play a desperate gamble to buy them time.

Synopsis: The Renegades are finally taking the offensive. With Alexander Solomon and Omen moving against them, they know the only way to survive is to recruit new members to fight in the war. The problem is the price of war. The potential psiots are basically children, and the Renegade, eager to survive, are hesitant to enlist them so young. However, the H.A.R.D Corps won’t stop until every psiot is either under Omen control or dead. The war is coming, and Kris formulates a plan to buy them time. A ceasefire with Omen will buy our heroes the time they need, but this may be a deadly miscalculation.

Review: What do you do when the wolves are at the door? This is the dilemma the Renegades find themselves after the crippling blows they have been dealt. Eventually, they will have to fight, but there numbers are so few, and recruitment is the only way they will survive the coming war. Their future soldiers are young and untrained. In essence, the potential psiots will become child soldiers, and it sits poorly within the group for most. Monica Jim, aka Animalia, reminds them of her age and her desire to fight. Is this a validation of the inevitable? Yes and no. This is the core idea of the issue. Doing what is right is sometimes not only problematic, but sometimes it almost as bad as the alternative.

The panel with Animalia using a pumpkin as target practice is one of the best panels in Harbinger yet. The gore coming from the innards of the target frames the shooter as cold and ruthless. With this panel alone, we see what being tortured and turned into a weapon has done to this young girl. She is the image of a remorseless killer. Any kindness or chance of a normal life have been stripped away. A simpler way to put it is stark and haunting.

Harbinger never sidesteps the difficulty of survival. These people have had to do terrible things to stay alive, and those actions have an emotional weight and cost. We see it when Kris tries to reconnect with her estranged family, and we see it in their youngest member. It truly makes for a compelling war story.

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