In Review: Harbinger Renegade #4

Renegades finally come face to face with Solomon himself.

Synopsis: It has all led to this. The Renegades come face to face with Alexander Solomon; the man who may even be more manipulating then Toyo Harada himself. With Peter trapped in a fantasy world he has always desired, it is up to Kris and Faith to confront their dangerous foe. But why has Solomon gone to such lengths to assemble the Renegades? What is his ulterior motive, and who will be left standing?

Review: Harbinger Renegade #4 brings all the pieces of the puzzle into place. Solomon’s reasoning behind his machinations seem plausible, and they seem to be in line with the type of manipulator he is. In a way, Solomon is reminiscent od Doctor Doom. Alexander (like Doom) believes himself to be the mind that will save the world by using people, but with such malicious tactics, it is now wonder the Renegades feel the need to overcome him. Yet it isn’t really brute force that wins the day for the Renegades, they don’t win at all. Solomon technically wins the battle and quite possibly the war.

The art for issue #4 feels pretty on par for what we have seen in the previous issues in the series. The prologue is gorgeous. The warm colors really drive home a sense of innocence that Solomon once possessed before Harada activated him. Conversely, the dream world Peter becomes trapped in starts off as inviting, but the ominous tones begin to creep into those panels. I absolutely love the smart and efficient way this is handled. Also, shout out to long-haired Peter Stanchek. The character exudes troubled hippy/ bad boy you would totally date in high school much to your parent’s dismay.

It should be no secret that I absolutely adore the Harbinger series. When Valiant relaunched a few years ago, this series was (and remains) my favorite. It really puts a smile on my face to see the series done so well after its hiatus. And even though readers have to wait MONTHS for the series to return, we all can rest assured that it will be worth the wait.

Harbinger Renegade #4
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