In Review: Harbinger Renegade #2

Getting the band back together is easier said...

Synopsis: As Faith continues to protect her charge, a potential psiot named Jay Tucker, she is faced with the possibility that her friends may not be there in her time of need. Meanwhile, Alexander Solomon’s past is further revealed, and his plans for the future begin to fall into place. Kris continues contemplate casting off her new life to aid in the protection of the new potential psiots, and Peter begins his long journey towards home.

Review: There are a lot of moving pieces in issue #2 of Valiant’s return to the Harbinger universe. The renegades remain divided as the death toll mounts. This is a bit risky for the storytelling because fans have waited so long for series to return, and we are all dying for some tried and true psychic showdowns. Conversely, Rafer Roberts is giving this issue exactly what it needs. Series in the Valiant universe have an uncanny ability to portray realistic responses to the fantastic world around them. These former heroes have lost so much. Showing the consequences and hesitation only adds to the how real this all feels.

Alexander Solomon looks incredibly poised with an undercurrent of ruthlessness in every panel. He is such an imposing figure, and the way he is drawn by Darick Robertson makes him seems like a credible threat to what Toyo Harada is trying to accomplish. Robertson’s characters all emote with ease. You can see the weight of what the Renegades are facing weigh heavily on it, and I am very impressed by that. Too often characters can be depicted as somewhat flat, but this is not the case here. Whether it is in a debate or battle, the characters in this issue appear dynamic.

There is a lot of ground to cover in Harbinger: Renegades. The first two issues have been a bit of a whirlwind, so the possibility of the story becoming convoluted is high. With this many levels of characters and locales, it would be easy to feel a bit lost or overwhelmed, yet the story remains clear and concise. This series is beloved, and I believe the current installment will be loved as well.

Harbinger Renegade #2
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