In Review: Happy! – Year Of The Horse

Sax and Happy follow the trail to Chinatown.

Synopsis: Sax and Happy follow the trail to Chinatown. Blue’s sister wants revenge for the death of her sons. Merry closes in on Very Bad Santa.

Review: This episode starts from where things left off. Nick has pretty much had his ass handed to him by Bad Santa, but we learn that Bad Santa can also see Happy, which provides a brief moment of fun at the little horse’s expense. Happy pretty much saves Nick from Bad Santa’s final blow and as Santa does a runner the pair find a discarded message from a fortune cookie, which sees the duo hitting China Town.

This episode opens the story up a little more as we learn that there is a connection between the Gangster Blue and the very Bad Santa. The connection is a bigger crime boss who is known as Bug. We also learn that Bad Santa is not kidnapping these kids for his own thrills. There is a bigger picture.

While Nick and Happy are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of Hailey. Merry winds up following a similar lead.

There are some wonderful performances from Ritchie Coster as Blue who remains to be the cold and calculating presence on this series. We also see a bit more of Patrick Fischler as the sadistic Smoothie.

Lots of fun action in this episode as well. I particularly enjoyed the fight in the middle of China Town where Nick faces down five guys who are out to kill him.

Patten Oswalt continues to rock as the voice of Happy and continues to have the majority of the funny one-liners. The one concerning happy endings is hilarious where it plays out against a brief Flashback to one of Nick’s prior encounters in China Town.

Overall. A fun episode. A little disjointed in parts. Some of the bits with Blues sister could have been handled a little better. But despite this. It continues to be a fun watch.

Happy! - Year Of The Horse
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