In Review: Happy! – When Christmas was Christmas

While tracking his daughter, Sax remembers his dark past.

Synopsis: While tracking his daughter, Sax remembers his dark past.

Review: This third episode of ‘Happy!’ gives us some insights into what it was that pushed Nick Sax over the edge and saw him leave the Police. We also get a little insight into his relationship with his former partner Merry and Ex-Girlfriend Amanda.

The mixture of darkness and humor continues in this third episode, which gives us more information about the various players and a really funny moment or two from Happy. One such moment being when he sees a prostitutes Dildo collection and says, “Wow, these must be the magic carrots that Santa feeds his Reindeer.”

We also get to see Merry begin to work alongside Amanda in order to help find Hayley, who is still being held by the Very Bad Santa who gets more to do in this episode.

There is some nice editing as we see Nick go between the present and the past. When you get Flashback scenes in shows like this. They can sometimes feel a bit forced in, but the switch between present and past in this episode is done in both a fun and relevant way.

Another fun moment is when Nick gets Happy to describe the Bad Santa and gets a former police sketch artist to draw it.

I enjoyed seeing Merry and Amanda work together and it looks like the two could make for an interesting team, but I can’t help but wonder how that will end up given that Merry is under the employ of the gangster that is after Nick.

Overall. This was a fun episode with a wicked cliffhanger that is going to lead into more interesting developments that will open things up further. Joseph D. Reitman is pretty disturbing as The Bad Santa and has some very twisted scenes with Haley, which will give parents nightmares.  While this show has funny moments. It can also be quite hard to watch at times too.

Happy! - When Christmas was Christmas
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