In Review: Hansel & Gretel: Ever After…

Hansel and Gretel have fled the gingerbread house, but what if the wicked witch survived after all?

Synopsis: Hansel and Gretel have fled the gingerbread house, but what if the wicked witch survived after all?


The Story

Having killed the witch. Hansel and Gretel find their way home to their parents only to find that their mother and father have been renovating the house.  Somewhat surprised to see that their children have returned. The ill-suited parents who tried to abandon their children begin to show the kids around the new house. Only before they have too much time to settle in. The entire village of Hungerton shows up and wants to throw a party in honour of Hansel and Gretel for having killed the witch.

However, unknown to the children and the village is the fact that the witch has survived and is planning her revenge. Her plan is to go to the village disguised as a washerwoman and kill and eat the entire village.


The Acting

Bill Bekele and Lilly Aspell do a good job in the titular roles and get plenty of support from a strong supporting cast. Mark Addy is fantastic as their father who is pretty much led around by his wife who is the evil stepmother to the children.

David Walliamsserves as narrator and troll, who gets a valuable lesson in trolling from Gretel.



This is a fun knock-about comedy that will amuse both kids and adults but is mostly aimed at the younger audience. Although adults will appreciate some of the jokes about cancel culture and various other things that are thrown in.

The actors all fully commit to their roles and are obviously having a lot of fun with their various roles. But none more so than David Walliams who definitely plays to his comedic strengths.

As with past Ever After TV specials. We get a happy ending and some rather fun twists on a classic fairytale. This will surely keep the young kids entertained for an hour.


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