In Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #41

This is a Lanterns fan's dream come true.

The covers: Two to find before some Kryptonian villain tries to take away your freedoms. The Regular cover is by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey and it’s the one I picked up. Hal’s on the ground, bloodied. Zod has his foot on the lantern’s head, holding Hal’s power ring. He’s putting the ring on, saying, “Who’s the greatest now?” The setting is a hostile, rocky environment with a crimson colored night sky. Great apocalyptic image with Zod being magnificent. I think this is the smallest image of Hal that’s been shown on a cover in this series’ history. The Variant cover is by Tyler Kirkham and Morey features a close-up of Hal and Zod, with the Kryptonian holding Hal by the neck. His eye glows red, looking as though he’s going to fry Jordan. Hal’s ring hand is inches from the antagonist’s face and emerald energy is exploding in the background. Powerful and strong imagery here. Overall grades: Regular A and Variant A-

The story: Robert Venditti wraps up Zod’s Will with this final chapter “The Rule of Law.” Above the planet Jekuul in Space Sector 2811 a streak of red and a streak of green are about to collide in the skies. Watching are the natives, who recognize the red streak as Zod. The members of the Green Lantern Corps know that the green is Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner holds the dying Kyle Rayner. “Hang in there, Rayner. One way or another…this’ll be done soon.” Only the Eradicator is not watching, doing something with Rayner’s ring, reporting that the retrieval process is at 98 percent. The two beings clash, with Hal exclaiming, “You’re under arrest, Zod!” Hal takes the first blow, with the Kryptonian telling him to retreat from his and his family’s new world. “We both know how this battle will end.” Hal flies off telling the villain he’s about to learn who really owns the skies. The battle is huge, with Hal using his unique knowledge of Earth to battle the baddie. The fight is over by Page 13, but Venditti has seven more pages in this issue to fill and he puts the mother of all monkey wrenches into those pages. It’s great to see that the victor of the fight has the rug pulled out from him from the most unexpected sources. Page 19 has a great tease of more trouble to come from a sinister source, while someone on the final page has a new calling. Great action, great twists, and great character reactions. This is the kind of Green Lantern story one wishes to read every month. Overall grade: A

The art: The visuals on this are great. Brandon Peterson really knocks it out of the park. The first page is neat for showing the two opponents racing toward each other, but having the three other panels show the natives, the Eradicator, and the GLC on Jekuul is a terrific way to show that this conflict is not going to go unseen. Pages 2 and 3 is a double-pages splash that’s great for showing the characters clash with a tremendous amount of energy exploding of the pages. The first panel on 4 shows Hal using the ring’s energy in a really cool way. I’m not happy with the next panel on this page that shows Zod punching Hal. This is due to a horrific blur effect used to show the speed of Zod’s fist. I don’t understand why this is done in comics, as the artists are fully capable in creating fast moving objects without a computer employed. The first two panels on 5 are killer images of the characters speeding at one another. The full-paged splash on 6 also employs a computer blur, but it’s not on a character, so that’s why it doesn’t bother as much. The final panel on 11 is awesome for the emotion on the character’s face. 12 is another double-paged splash and it’s the best single splash page of the issue. Why? No computer blur — Peterson is definitely capable of creating speed and power without it. The final panel on 13 is outstanding and attention should also be looking at the characters’ reactions on the left — really cool! The arrival at the top of 14 is like the arrival of gods, given the point of view and the back lighting. Speaking of god-like imagery, look at the first panel on 18 — beautiful! The last panel on the final page contains no text, but communicates so much strength. Peterson should be drawing comics monthly. Overall grade: A 

The colors: The colors on this book by Tomeu Morey are beautiful. The yellows that provide the backdrop for three of the panels on the opening page make the greens and reds really pop off the page. They also provide a terrific contrast for the cool blues for the setting the Eradicator inhabits. The greens and reds on 2 and 3 are outstanding. I love the different greens on the lanterns throughout the book and the blacks on Zod’s costume are also outstanding. The red energy that pours out of Zod’s eyes are just killer. The many shades of browns on 7 are also cool. And looking on 7, look how there’s just a slight coloring of red on Kyle to remind eagle eyed readers to his state. The many shades of emerald on 12 are impressive. I stand and applaud when any colorist can use one color’s shades so incredibly such as how Morey does here. The colors in the second panel on 14 is outstanding, with some outstanding back lighting. This technique is used again on 18 spectacularly. Morey is incredible. Overall grade: A

The letters: Dave Sharpe is one of my favorite letterers and he delivers another superb job. He creates scene settings, narration and ring speech (the same font), dialogue, Eradicator dialogue, yells, the story’s title, the the book’s credits, sounds, and the tease for next issue. I’ve got no issue with the narration and ring speech being the same font, as I’m assuming that the narration is a recording on Hal’s ring at a later date. The scene settings always look futuristic and exciting. The yells come in several sizes and fonts to show their intensity. The sounds are off the chart incredible; the best of the book is FWA KKOOOOOM. Overall grade: A+

The final line: This is a Lantern fan’s dream come true: Hal fighting a super strong baddie, plenty of constructs, and some terrific surprises in the last third. The visuals are also awesome, with the art really strong and the colors perfection. This is proof why Green Lantern comics continue to thrive. Overall grade: A

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