In Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #29

Lanterns versus Golems that wish to rupture the Source Wall makes for action-packed reading.

The covers: Two to find, if you can outrace the Omega beams behind you! The Regular cover is by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey and is the frontpiece I had to purchase. A Golem stands before the tiny floating form of Hal Jordan, its hand raised and powering up to blow the lantern to kingdom come. Behind this fearsome being are a sea of similar creatures, all driven to destroy. Great illustration from Sandoval and Tarragona that makes these villains look fantastic. The colors by Morey are also slick, with that powered up hand menacing. The Variant cover is by Barry Kitson and Hi-Fi. This has John Stewart leading an incredibly large number of the corps forward. John is the only human among this throng and they look great. Overall grades: Regular A and Variant B+

The story: “Rocketing through Transluminal space at speeds greater than the gods,” Hal has constructed an Earth fighter jet to transport himself and Highfather away from the Omega beams that are pursuing the New God. Meanwhile, back on Mogo where the corps is located, Kyle is still in critical condition after battling a Golem. John orders Two-Lobe to probe the lantern’s mind to find out what the Golem’s next objective is. Touching Kyle’s temples, the lantern says, “I believe…Yes. He doesn’t offer the words easily, but I have them. ‘Yuga Khan.'” John contacts Hal, gets the attack platoon ready, and tells a recently woken Guy Gardner to follow him, “We are leading the charge.” At the Source Wall, a Golem is using its energy to release Yuga Khan from the wall and it’s working — the villain’s hand begins to move. “The Dead Will Rise” is a great conclusion to Fall of the Gods by Robert Venditti. The action in this issue is nonstop because the lanterns quickly arrive, engage the Golem, and do battle with other behemoths present. The way in which a character falls on Pages 11 and 12 is fantastic. I was wondering if Venditti was going to have this character go down and he does not disappoint. It’s also incredibly smart how the character is taken down. This is followed by an equally impressive fall on 14 and Venditti doesn’t let anyone breathe by increasing the tension with a fantastic sound of foreshadowing on 15. Page 19 has got a fantastic character moment when someone really lets another have it and it’s gold. This story is hot because Venditti’s writing is on fire. Overall grade: A+ 

The art: This saga is closed by Rafa Sandoval on pencils and Jordi Tarragona on inks. Starting with the jet speeding through space followed by the iconic Omega beams, moving in those wonderful angles, the second panel shows the occupants on board, with Hal trying to focus on flying while Highfather chastises him. The second page begins with a close-up of Kyle in intensive care, pulling back to show the others around him trying to save his life. John then gets focus as he commands another to probe Kyle. When Yuga’s name is stated the reaction from John is perfect. Guy looks really young on Page 3, like his early twenties. This didn’t take me too far out of the story, but I did pause and wonder if he’d had work done. The double-paged splash of 4 and 5 is great for the details in this wall comprised of characters frozen in pain. To see the Golem releasing its energy into the wall to release the villain is a sight to drink in! When Khan’s hand moved, ever so slightly, it gave me goosebumps. 6 is a full-page splash that was previewed on the Variant cover. Seeing lanterns flying at the reader ready to rumble is fantastic. The heroes stumble their way through the battle, doing what they can, but are overwhelmed by the machines built to destroy New Gods. Hal and Highfather’s entrance is epic. This is followed by several strong battle sequences. It’s the character who vents his ire on the penultimate page that really puts the period on this tale and he looks awesome. The action of one character in the final panel of the book is wonderful. This book looks good. Overall grade: A

The colors: There’s a lot of energy flying about in this issue, from the power of the Green Lanterns, the Golems, and Highfather’s blasts. Tomeu Morey’s work is outstanding, as the colors make the power of the art come to life. The book starts with some terrific green work: Transluminal space, the interiors of the constructed jet, and Hal’s costume. Every one of these elements is in a different shade of green and they look tremendous. When the Wall is introduced on 4 and 5 it stands out for the eerie pinkish hue in the stones that were once living creatures. The Golems radiate energy constantly, as if their shells can’t contain it all. Helping to tell these characters apart is that each has its own color; this also makes them glow marvelously. I also like that the dialogue balloons for the Golems are given a sickening yellow to increase their otherworldliness. The blues on 8 are frosty and powerful. The massive explosions in this issue have some excellent depth due to the coloring. I’m liking what Morey is doing. Overall grade: A 

The letters: Scene settings, dialogue, yells, Golem speech, the story’s title, the book’s credits, unique speech for unique lanterns, a Boom Tube, and the tease for next issue are created by Dave Sharpe. The scene settings set the action instantly with their bold, slightly slanted, look. The yells that Sharpe creates are always impressive. There are several different varieties of bellows, with Guy giving a funny one at the bottom of Page 3, but my favorite yell comes from John at the end of 7. The Golems’ speech is emotionless in its robotic script, making their threat seem unyielding. The Boom Tube’s foreshadowing and arrival is perfection. Sharpe always makes Lantern books sound so good. Overall grade: A+

The final line: Lanterns versus Golems that wish to rupture the Source Wall makes for action-packed reading. The story moves quickly and the art makes this epic look sweet. An epic story gets a well deserved epic conclusion. Very enjoyable. Overall grade: A 

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