In Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #27

An outstanding read for those who want their comics cosmic.

The covers: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, and Tomeu Morey are responsible for the Regular cover and it’s the one I had to purchase. Orion is bloody and chained to the lanterns’ logo. Before him are Hal and Kyle, their rings powering up. Whoever, or whatever, did this to Orion is obviously going to cause the lanterns problems. Great representative image by the three artists, all of whom also provide the book’s interior visuals. The Variant cover is by Cully Hamner and features one of the Golems attacking Hal. The villain is large, but he’s difficult to define because of the angle and the coloring: the violets aren’t differentiated enough. The creature also looks to be lifting Hal up, rather than grabbing him. A good idea for a cover that’s not working for me. Overall grades: Regular A and Variant C-

The story: The Golem has arrived to kill Orion and the citizens of Slyggia, in Sector 1418, will be destroyed in its horrible quest. Robert Venditti has several surprises in this second chapter of “Fall of the Gods.” Hal puts Kyle on babysitting duty to make sure Orion doesn’t do anything stupid while he tries to take out the Golem, while protecting the people. As Hal does his duty, Orion explains to Kyle that the robot will continue to seek him as long as his heart is beating. He tricked the thing once before, but when Doctor Slyggia restarted his heart last issue it called the Golem to him. Orion tells the lantern and the doctor that he’s got to stop his heart to make the thing leave. And he better be quick about it, since Hal is no match for the monstrosity. The New God literally takes things into his hands in highly dramatic fashion on Page 10, with Slyggia creating some new technology which could be incredibly important for all characters in the DC Universe. Pages 16 and 17 reveal the history of the Golems and in doing so teases that the monoliths could play a major part in the ongoing Metal series that’s just begun. The issue ends with the lanterns having to make a decision and only one of their number could accomplish it. The go-to lantern volunteers with a smile and it will leave readers screaming for more. This is the first big story featuring the New Gods since Rebirth began and I’m jumping up and down in anticipation for what Venditti could show next issue. It was neat to see Orion’s determination in overcoming this issue’s obstacle and learning how the Golems could be related to Metal. More, Mr. Venditti! More! Overall grade: A

The art: This book looks really good, with Rafa Sandoval on pencils and Jordi Tarragona on inks. I admit the book doesn’t start out well with a horrible blur effect done to put the Golem in motion. I’ve learned that this is more times than not done by colorists, so I’m assuming that it was done erroneously by the colorist. Things greatly improve on the second page and continue to look good for the remainder of the issue. The Golem is a giant of immense strength. I’d love to see more of this character, even if they do resemble Marvel’s Celestials. The work done on the Slyggians is great, with them shown via the doctor and a fleeing mob on Page 3. Plus, take a look at the debris that’s falling over that running mass due to the Golem’s fall — it’s awesome! That’s a huge plus to this work — it’s not a clean battle against Hal, there’s stuff falling all over the place. Hal looks perfectly heroic every panel he’s in, such as in the large panel on 4 and at the top of 7. When Hal gets smacked down, as on 8, the reader’s heart goes out to him. Orion steals the focus during the battle though with his dramatic action on 10. I don’t recall seeing the lantern on Page 15 before, but he looks great. His design creates a memorable profile and when shown from the front he’s very fierce. My favorite visuals of the book are the flashbacks on 16 and 17, which tells a lot of history in only five panels, but they compliment the text perfectly. They were epic. The layout of the final page is just flat out cool, with the close-up at the top and the bottom of the page doubly cool. Sandoval and Tarragona should stay on this series for as long as possible. Overall grade: A

The colors: Tomeu Morey’s work on this book create the perfect focus for every panel. As the Golem stomps through the city, taking and giving it to Hal, his armor glows an amazing flat rose that radiates power. Hal and the other lanterns have a strong emerald shade as they fly about or use their rings to take out the Golem. This would seem to paint Morey into a corner for colors, since the city is crumbling around the combatants, but take a look at the superb coloring done on the city — it’s not a blanket shade, but contains some great derivations of gray to solidify the city, yet show it to be crumbling: the large panel on Page 3 shows this excellently. When the Golem speaks his dialogue balloon has an off-yellow to make it utterly alien. Colors are key during the flashback sequence, with each panel receiving a specific color that suits the action’s impact. I’m really liking Morey on this book. Overall grade: A+

The letters: You can’t have a HJATGLC issue without Dave Sharpe doing the letters. He creates scene settings, the Golem’s speech, dialogue, the story’s title, the book’s credits, sounds, screams, strained dialogue, and the tease for next issue. I’m always happy to see aliens get their own specific font to differentiate them from others, and the one used for the Golem is great. With a city crumbling, the sounds are big and this issue has several spectacular ones: WHBOOOOM, KROOOMBLL, and KRAKKRUNNCH. The scene settings also need a special shout out, as there are none in the DC Universe that look as good as those in the Green Lantern books. It’s bold and has a very sci-fi feel. Overall grade: A

The final line: A New God is cornered and only the Green Lantern Corps can help him. The story is big, could tie into Metal, and the visuals make this story epic. An outstanding read for those who want their comics cosmic. Overall grade: A

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