In Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #25

An incredible story with dazzling visuals full of details that will make this the stuff of legends for years to come.

The covers: What a fantastic Regular cover! Standing front and center is Soranik, screaming as yellow energy flies off of her. In her right hand is a beaten Hal Jordan. Behind her other members of the Sinestro Corps scream in vengeance as they fly forward. I’m a huge fan of the Sinestro Corps and seeing a cover where they’re back at their evil best is thrilling to see. Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright have made this a tremendous winner! The Variant cover is by Kevin Nowlan and he makes this conflict much more personal. Against the backdrop of space, Soranik and Hal try to tear each other apart, with the Sinestro Corps leader drawing first blood as she rips open Hal’s shoulder. As always, Nowlan has some excellent character work on this illustration and the colors are to die for in green and yellow. DC, please tell me that you have plans to release all of Nowlan’s covers as a collection of prints at some point. Overall grades: Regular A+ and Variant A

The story: Everything happens in this issue. Previously, Jon broadcasted to both corps that Tomar-Tu had killed a yellow lantern. Naturally, three of these lanterns bolt to Tomar-Tu’s quarters for revenge, but Hal is there to hold them back. The trio is no match for him as he takes them out quickly, however, on the ground, Guy and Arkillo arrive with Kyle, who’s had an image of the Sinestro Corps burned into his chest. Hal releases the three yellow lanterns to go to Kyle, and Arkillo gathers them up asking which of them hurt Kyle. This is when Soranik appears and claims responsibility. She tells her group of the green lanterns’ crime and that “The alliance is broken! We will take our battery to New Korugar and make ourselves once again in Sinestro’s image! As we are meant to be! The yellow light will be our guide! I am Soranik Natu no more! I claim the name that is mine by birthright! Soranik Sinestro!” John shows up and the fighting begins. This is the blowout that was inevitable and Robert Venditti isn’t holding back with anyone. It’s lantern versus lantern, corps versus corps. And just as it seems that someone is going to make a major kill, Venditti pulls the most fantastic rabbit out of his hat on Page 22. There’s a major change for a group of characters and it’s only going to make future fights uglier. The issue ends with a moment of glory on 25, but that final page — hold onto something, because he’s back! O.M.G. I’m floored. Overall grade: A+

The art: This twenty-eight paged issue is full of unbelievable images from Ethan Van Sciver. The energy that flies out of the lanterns is staggering. The first page has the villainous trio showing their rage with energy pouring out of them, and on the double-paged splash of 2 and 3, Hal shows how to smoothly create a construct that will take them down at once. Hal’s dominating this page, but look in the upper right — Tomar-tu can be seen gazing at the spectacle that’s now occurring far from him. Also take a gander in the bottom right — look at the details put into each character. Soranik’s arrival on 5 is like the arrival of a dark god: she’s bathed in fire and wears a halo that’s shaped in the logo of her corps. As she speaks to her people, and the greens, she calmly floats in the air, with flame constantly swirling about and from her. When she claims her birthright in a full-paged splash on 8 it’s fantastic: she reveals her name, her corps bow, and John arrives. 12 and 13 is a double-paged splash that shows all the green lanterns flying headlong into battle. It’s the type of image that’s reprinted to show the power of the corps and it will unquestionably be reprinted for years to come. This is followed by a full-page splash of the corps colliding. The action is furious, culminating in a surprise on 18. This leads to a character realizing something on 19 and 20 and the most glorious image of Guy Gardner that perfectly matches his dialogue. After John’s failure, it was nice to have a moment of joy in this issue with the visuals on 25; even without the text, it brought goosebumps. And that last page…wow. That’s how to leave fans screaming for two weeks! Overall grade: A+

The colors: Poor, poor Jason Wright, who has to color all the details that Van Sciver has placed in his pages. Wright has done a stupendous job. On the first page the yellows are incredible strong against Hal’s, seemingly, weak greens. With the turn of a page, greens dominate. These are not a blanket green of shade, but every possible color to make the images real. The same comment holds true for the yellows, as shown when they get a close-up on Page 4. Soranik’s arrival is beautifully evil with her face being so dark as to be black, while the yellow of her eyes increase her alien origin. Look how her yellows dominate all before her at the bottom of 5. When Soranik embraces her birthright the yellows become terrifying as she roars her new name. The backgrounds also look incredible, with the double-paged spread of 12 and 13 showing Wright using a violet that goes from light to dark as the lanterns speed into battle. Yeah, Wright knocks it out of the park as well. Overall grade: A+

The letters: Scene settings, dialogue, a Sinestro Corps member’s unique speech font, sounds, the story’s title, the book’s credits, Arkillo’s speech font, a chant, yells, ring speech, and the tease for next issue are crafted by Dave Sharpe. He does a sensational job with all the sounds, of which this book needs many, and the yells, as always, are amazing. The scene settings are also outstanding, creating an instant sci-fi feel. Sharpe’s praises cannot be sung loudly or long enough. Overall grade: A+

The final line: This series is as strong as when Blackest Night premiered. An incredible story with dazzling visuals full of details that will make this the stuff of legends for years to come. Yes, it is that good. Overall grade: A+

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