In Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #8

At the diplomatic conference to decide the future of space, there’s been a murder most foul – and one of the delegates is responsible!

Synopsis: This month on Guardians of The Galaxy. At the diplomatic conference to decide the future of space, there’s been a murder most foul – and one of the delegates is responsible! It’s up to Ranger Rocket to save Marvel Boy from execution, solve the mystery and find the real killer – while a ticking bomb counts down to zero! Can things get worse? It’s GUARDIANS. Things always get worse.


The Story

Rocket Racoon puts his detective hat on and becomes Ranger Rocket. In order to prove Marvel Boy is innocent of murder. Ranger Rocket uses his deductive reasoning and a little help from the psychics in the room to find the real killer. But a single murder is only a drop in the ocean as The Guardians once again have to save the galaxy from a new planet devouring threat.


The Artwork

As with the first issue of this story arc. We have a lot of talking heads on this issue. The few highlights are Rocket Racoons detective costume as well as the variety of alien characters that we have in a single room. Further, into the issue, we get a bit of action as the murderer is revealed. Seeing Hercules run into action is nicely drawn. The artist manages to capture a nice sense of momentum when Hercules runs at his target.



I really enjoyed this issue. The story unfolds nicely as Rocket Racoon manages to unravel a much bigger threat to the Galaxy by using some very sherlock holmes style techniques in his investigation. I loved how Rocket’s line of questioning revealed several guilty parties as opposed to just one threat. The last-minute reveal of a larger threat that isn’t present in the room likely means that we’ll see a bit of space adventure and planet-hopping in future issues.

Overall. A solid issue with a lot of big reveals in regards to the overall plot.


You can get hold of a digital copy of Guardians of The Galaxy as well as back issues on ComiXology. Or get a physical copy from your local comics store.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #8
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