In Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #3

The Guardians saved the Galaxy - at a great and terrible cost.

Synopsis: The Guardians saved the Galaxy – at a great and terrible cost. And now, they have to break the news… to the Guardians. Four artists tell three stories of two bonds broken, one born again…and the birth of the West Spiral Arm Guardians!

The Story

Rocket Racoon and Hercules return home to a frosty reception from Gamora who essentially blanks him and pretty much throws him out of the group for having lost Peter Quill. Elsewhere Drax is going through somewhat of an identity crisis trying to figure out if he is Drax or if he is another incarnation called Arthur Douglas. Helping him figure it all out is his daughter Moondragon who has issues of her own. All of this drama ends though when Gamora gets the team back together for a new mission. Only this time Rocket Racoon is excluded from the team.

Hiring the team is Mr. O’Hear. A Rabbit who has had past run-ins with Rocket. He is hiring the team on behalf of Castor Gnawbarque II. Who wants somebody whacked.

The Artwork

With such a big art team on this book. It would be nice to able to tell who did what. There are some great panels in this issue. The final page featuring Caster Gnawbarque sat rather pompously in front of his portrait was really good. For me, though one of the best sequences of art comes when Gamora is talking to the counselor and having flashbacks to past missions she did with Starlord.


A really solid issue that has some of the key characters doing some proper soul searching before getting ready to go out. Great twist at the end of the story, which concerns Rocket Racoon who could be in real danger given what Gamora’s current mood is like.

Overall. A fun issue with quite a lot going on.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #3
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