In Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #11


Synopsis: This month in Guardians of The Galaxy. The Olympian gods are returning to our universe – and they’re taking their exile at Peter Quill’s hands very personally. To stop them, the Guardians return to the place the team was born… but will facing their past in the Annihilation War help them survive their future?


The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Peter Quill aka Starlord has returned. And the battle against the old gods is about to begin a new. As Zeus vows deadly revenge for every single day that he was exiled. While waiting for the battle to start and getting everything in place. Richard Rider aka Nova surveys the scene while conversing with his Doctor. Shell shocked by the return of his friend Starlord. Nova is understandably anxious about whether he and his friends will make it through the coming battle.

As Nova and Starlord converse and prepare to unite with the other Guardians. A very angry Gamora flies into their conversation and takes her anger out on Peter for having left her. Just as their friends arrive. The mighty Zeus comes in with his gods and states his intentions. The battle is on.


The Artwork

Juann Cabal provides some fantastically moody art for this issue. The panels of Nova staring off into a desolate and dead landscape is wonderful foreshadowing. As is the rather gruff state that Starlord is in. I also loved the red wash of the pages, which announce the arrival of Zeus and his gods toward the end of the issue.



Al Ewing has been writing up an absolute storm on this series. Taking Starlord out of the game for as long as he did was a brilliant move because you really did begin to question whether or he’d return. Especially given that the stories seemed to be going along fine with Nova and the other team members.

Overall. This issue is full of brilliant foreshadowing for part two of Starlord and Nova’s epic battle against Zeus. That said. This time the Gods will have to deal with a very pissed-off Gamora. Which is a fate that I’d not wish on my worst enemy.


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Guardians Of The Galaxy (2020-) #11
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