In Review: Grimm Vol 2 #2

Juliette may have the incredible power of a Hexenbiest, but not the control that can allow her to trust herself

Synopsis: Juliette may have the incredible power of a Hexenbiest, but not the control that can allow her to trust herself, and when her and Rosalee’s investigation into a string of murderous Wesen art thefts requires intimidation, who better to take lead than the one Grimm left in Portland, Trubel!

Review: In this issue Juliette and the gang come a few steps closer to cracking the case, but the progress of the investigation is taking its toll on Juliette.

This continues the story from last month and digs a little deeper into the inner battle that Juliette is having between her human self and the newly acquired Hexenbiest, but in spite of this she continues on with the investigation because she is determined to clear the name of her friend.

The teams investigation leads them to realise that the all girl gang of Hexenbiest’s are after a particular wesson artefact that could give them great power. But in order for Juliette to succeed in stopping them she needs some help from her worse enem Adalind Schade.

Caitlin Kittredge continues her exploration of Juliette’s change, which gives us new insight into just how much she held back from Nick in the shows fourth season. I love the fact that this particular story is an all girl affair given that the women of ‘Grimm’ have all been very strong in their own right, but never really explored.

Again the art work by M.L. Sanapo services the story, but any likeness to the television characters is not that great, but I do like his interpretation of the characters in spite of this.

Grimm Vol 2 #2
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