In Review: Grimm, Episode 88 “Cry Havoc”

An amazing payoff to a huge character arc that will push Nick into an uncomfortable area.

Grimm, Episode 88 “Cry Havoc” Broadcast on May 15, 2015


Written by Thomas Ian Griffith

Directed by Norberto Barba

“Previously on Grimm“, Juliette believes Nick is choosing Adalind over her, Kenneth suggests it would be wonderful if Nick was in mortal danger, Juliette sends an email to Nick’s mom, Kenneth tells Juliette that if she were to join his family he would value her and give her a new life, the gang cures Renard of his bloody chest issues, Trubel returns to Portland, Kelly (Nick’s mom) comes back to Portland with Adalind’s magical daughter Diana, the young girl is picked up Juliette–who’s now working for Kenneth, and Trubel walks into Nick’s house to find an ominous closed box in the middle of the living room.

“O, from this time forth, my thoughts will be bloody or be nothing worth.”

Outside of Nick’s house he can be heard screaming “No!” His mother’s head is in the box. The show’s hero is on the floor, backing against a wall, wailing. Hank and Trubel talk, with her revealing that she was followed by a Wesen, making Hank realized they’re in danger. Trubel goes to her mentor, “Nick! Hey, look at me! This is a trap!” But Nick is too distraught to move. A van hurries through the downtown area. Kenneth is on the phone, hearing about who’s in Nick’s house. “Kill them all,” he commands. He hangs up and turns to Juliette, who’s stroking Diana’s hair. “You’re good with children. She’s rather taken with you.” Back at Nick’s, six men appear on the street, moving quickly to his house and enter, but the heroes have already left. As they move, Trubel reveals she overheard the Royals are involved, which prompts Nick to want to see the body of the Wesen she hid. At a guarded iron gate, Kenneth’s van gains entrance to a mammoth house, “a rental.” At the body, Nick finds a familiar marking on the beast’s palm. He wants the Wesen’s severed head to take to Adalind to get some answers. Wu pulls up in a squad car and is brought up to speed. He pops the trunk and Nick puts the head in. Hank asks, “So you wanna call this in?” “No,” replies the Grimm. “We’re doing this my way.” He slams the trunk and the opening title sequence begins.

This closes out plotlines in several major ways. Nick’s mom is gone, because of what Juliette did. The Royals have Diana, and Juliette. Juliette is still really upset with her former fiancé. Captain Renard has been cured of the creature that may have been Jack the Ripper, but his own men are picking up clues to find the identity of the killer, which was him possessed. First, the wrap up with Renard is pretty obvious in the last fifteen minutes of the episode. It’s not forced, but it’s convenient, and worked okay. I did like that Renard was more worried about his own situation than Juliette and Diana. It’s nice to see Sasha Roiz get to put his character through the emotional wringer. And talk about emotions–Juliette, played incredibly by Bitsie Tulloch, is again off the charts because of where the writers take her. She’s already gone over to the Dark Side, but in this episode she’s snarling at those with power above her–the Royals. She’s going to do whatever pleases her and anyone that gets in her way is damned. David Giuntoli gets a lot of this episode, as Nick is depressed, angered, and tired. He’s lost and just wants it all to dead. Finally, Hank gets some physical action on the show and is the voice of reason that Nick, as well as others, need to hear. He was the sanity for Nick and Russell Hornsby rises to the occasion. Reggie Lee has two excellent scenes as Sgt. Wu, who again proves himself to be quite the badass when someone isn’t following his instructions. Silas Weir Mitchell gets a tender moment with screen wife Bree Turner, plus a decent action scene, but neither of their characters really contribute much to the episode. Claire Coffee as Adalind is a delight as the out of place character trying to fit in, but more concerned for her daughter than anyone else. Jacqueline Toboni’s Trubel is also back and her final scene will induce screams from fans. This was a great season closer.

The good: The script by Thomas Ian Griffith, the direction by Norberto Barba who keeps the tension and action high in the last two acts, all the actors, a great Grimm fight scene, a big action piece, and the final five minutes that will leave fans screaming.

Fun lines: “She’s done her job, now you do yours,” “He won’t stop,” “Let’s drink to something,” “Well, if the Queen tries anything like that with me…”, “You are beautiful,” “Keep driving,” “For…my…mother…”, “This is cool,” “I’m good,” “I wonder what they’re going to name the kid,” “Oh, you are going to be the builder of kingdoms,” “I hear something,” and “What do you see?”

The bad: The last five minutes are a gut punch that I’m upset and happy with. I’m so mixed!

The final line: An amazing payoff to a huge character arc that will push Nick into an uncomfortable area next season. Loved this. Overall grade: A


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