In Review: Grimm, Episode 77 “Death Do Us Part”

An average episode of Grimm, as new storylines are introduced and old ones furthered.

Grimm, Episode 77 “Death Do Us Part” Broadcast January 30, 2015

Written by Jeff Miller

Directed by Constantine Makris

“Previously on Grimm” lasts for maybe a minute as clips are shown of Juliette’s discovery she’s a Hexenbiest, and her showing her new face to Renard.

“He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but he did not know where he ended and she began.”

Three young people pull up to an abandoned house and begin to film the latest episode of their webseries Ghost Seekers. Legend has it that the dead husband, killed five years ago with his wife from a freakish electrocution, roams the house, searching for his spouse. At Nick and Juliette’s, Nick is back from taking Monroe and Rosalee to the airport so they can finally go on their much delayed honeymoon. Since Juliette is not around, Nick tries calling her, but she’s not picking up. Juliette is at Renard’s, still showing him her grotesque face. He’s astonished at her showing this ability. She begs the captain to call his mother so she can help her. Back at the Ghost Seekers’ house, the trio enter the cobweb laden sprawl. After they go their separate ways inside, their monitors begin to sound and lights go on and off. Upstairs alone, the host finds the bed the couple were burned to death on and is touched by a human figure with electricity sparking off of it. The pair downstairs run to their leader’s screams only to have his charred corpse thrown down at their feet. Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

This was an average episode. If you’re a Grimm fan you can guess the animal the Wesen is based on quickly. The mystery is not difficult, and because of that the episode becomes a waiting game to see if writer Jeff Miller can come up with anything new. He does, with some nice interaction from the “now aware of everything” Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu and Bitsie Tulloch getting some really good scenes as Juliette. I love that she’s keeping her current state secret from Nick, which is long delayed payback after what he did to her for the entire first season. I’m sure her night time refusal had female fans in a dither for refusing Nick’s advances. Tulloch’s scene in a parking lot was great. It was also good to see Renard out of the office, and I’m sure Sasha Roiz enjoyed it. The captain’s scenes with Juliette were good, and I loved the note scene. His character also has a surprise this episode and I can’t imagine where this is going. Something is done to Nick at the end of episode that mirrors a characteristic of Hank, and the dialogue about it was fun. There’s also the introduction of a new character, Henryetta, played by Garcelle Beauvis, who might be helping her in future episodes. The special effects seemed really split in this episode. The bad Wesen looked like a poor man’s Gorn under a black light. However, after a gun shot there is a spectacular special effects that had me saying “Whoa!” before the characters.

The good: Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, and the scenes involving the multiple episode story arcs.

Fun lines: “You call this a side effect?’, “I know what you are,” “I believe you did,” “I’m in,” “You ate her cookie,” “Works for Hank,” “I believe we have a great deal to talk about,” and “What the hell is going on?”

The bad: The mystery and the new Wesen’s face.

The final line: An average episode of Grimm, as new storylines are introduced and old ones furthered to culminate at a later date. Overall grade: B-



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