In Review: Grimm, Episode 76 “Tribunal”

Rarely does an episode match the hype, but this exceeds it.

Grimm, Episode 76 “Tribunal” Broadcast on January 23, 2015

Written by Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt

Directed by Peter Werner

“May the God of Vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked.”

“Previously on Grimm” shows last episode with Juliette changing into a Hexenbiest and Monroe being abducted and brought before the Wesenrein. Beginning right where the previous episode left off, the leader of the Wesenrein commands Monroe be purified. At police headquarters Nick and Hank make their case to Captain Renard about Officer Acker being in league with the Wesenrein. Renard wants Sergeant Wu to handle Acker since he’s close to him, but only if he is ready to handle a Wesen. Nick says they’ll make him ready. Just then Wu comes in to deliver definitive proof of Acker’s connection to Jonah Riken, the suspected Grandmaster of the Wesenrein. The captain says he has something for Wu to do. Meanwhile, Rosalee is still at Nick and Juliette’s where she’s going over a list of guests who were at her and Monroe’s wedding. There has to be a connection between someone on her list and the one that Trubel and Bud made. Back in the forest, a box is opened revealing a skull containing blood. A white robed Wesenrein beings to baptize Monroe with the liquid. Once covered in the crimson fluids, the Grandmaster stands. “Let the Tribunal begin!” Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

Rarely does an episode match the hype, but this exceeds it. Every aspect of this installment was fantastic. Bringing Bud into the episode was a great touch to introduce some levity into a very serious script. Danny Bruno does an exceptional job as the worrisome Wesen and every time he’s on screen it’s a joy. Silas Weir Mitchell doesn’t have much to say until toward the end of the episode and he gets a monologue that truly defines who Monroe is. I actually got a little weepy because of him when the action goes to his house at the end. Bree Turner plays Rosalee as a woman on the edge, rightfully so, and her scenes in the climax are heart felt. David Giuntoli has Nick up against a wall, making him a Grimm who may be much harsher than in previous seasons. Russell Hornsby has a great scene as Hank speaking with Wu, and Reggie Lee almost steals the episode. I was down on his scenes in last week’s episode, but oh my gosh–Wu is a badass! You have to see it to believe it. I would have given this episode entirely to Lee, but Bitsie Tulloch gets to do something as Juliette in the climax that had me screaming at the television–Really! I couldn’t believe what I had seen and it builds to the episode’s cliffhanger.

The good: The script, the direction (with the final scene before the last commercial break brilliant), Reggie Lee, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Danny Bruno.

Fun lines: “Good thing I’m so messy,” “Does anyone here even know what atonement means?”, “Oh, no. I prematured again,” “Do it again,” “I’m in,” “She’s not going anywhere,” and “Damn…”

The bad: Not a thing, but a comment. Russell Hornsby looked as if he was having trouble running in the chaos that begins in the climax. Knowing that he’s had problems with that leg, which was written into the show, I got nervous as it looked as if he was hobbling in that moment.

The final line: A fantastic payoff that’s been building since the season premiere. The best episode in the series’ history. Overall grade: A+

Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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