In Review: Grimm, Episode 75 “Wesenrein”

Monroe is in big trouble, Juliette is losing it, and Wu finally learns the truth.

Grimm, Episode 75 “Wesenrein” Broadcast on January 16, 2015

Written by Thomas Ian Griffith

Directed by Hanelle Culpepper

“He had them brought before the court, and a judgment was handed down.”

A “Previously on Grimm” leads to Juliette screaming in the mirror, her face transformed into that of a Hexenbeist. Once normal, she calls Nick, who’s with Hank talking to Wu, who’s in jail after what happened in the previous episode. They get him out and into the forest where Nick keeps his trailer. He and Hank show and tell Wu about Wesen and that Nick’s a Grimm. “You think you can handle this or do you want to walk away?” Nick asks. “I’m not going anywhere,” Wu replies. At Monroe and Rosalee’s, the recent bride gets a call from her mom. After a quick conversation she goes outside to see if her husband is still talking to the officer in the squad car that’s watching their house to keep them safe from Wesenrein, a racist group of Blutbads that don’t want to see their line tainted by it intermingling with other Wesen. She finds her husband’s food on the ground and the officer stumbling from the bushes. She screams her husband’s name. A van tearing away from the scene carries a bound Monroe in the back who is kicked unconscious by a masked Wesenrein. “I’m gonna love watching you die.” Cue opening titles and first commercial break.

The story is made really strong by the actors. Bree Turner is outstanding as the concerned wife, Bitsie Tulloch is great as the woman who’s beyond the edge of a nervous breakdown, Silas Weir Mitchell is fantastic as a trapped man (and his scene with another man is a gut wrencher!), Sasha Roiz gets a funny scene with Reggie Lee, Russell Hornsby gets some nice scenes as a friend who’s got to keep his buddy in line, and David Giuntoli gets to be unleashed as a Grimm who wants results. Only Reggie Lee, whom I’ve loved forever as Wu, seems out of place, playing the character as a bug-eyed lost soul who’s ready to laugh or run. I thought the choices Lee made with the episode made Wu comedic, rather than sympathetic. The Wesernrein are a great group of villains and I’m looking forward to seeing how Monroe gets out of this mess.

The good: David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Wier Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Bree Turner, all the Wesenrein, the props department for that “toasted” item at the end, and Griffith’s “HOLY CRAP!” moment in the story with the ladies that had me screaming at my television.

Fun lines: “I will hunt them down and kill every one of them!” “Don’t be talking to him,” “I’ll see what I can do,” “You don’t want to go there,” “You thought wrong,” and “Must have been pretty awful.”

The bad: Since he’s so much of the episode, Reggie Lee took me out of the serious story with his bizarre looks at others. He’s what brings this episode down.

The final line: Monroe is in big trouble, Juliette is losing it, and Wu finally learns the truth. This was a blast to watch. Overall grade: B+


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  • Ian Cullen
    17 January 2015 at 5:16 pm -

    Can’t wait for the UK to start airing the new series. Have been missing it.

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