In Review: Green Lanterns #47

A solid conclusion with the heroes battling for one's future.

The covers: The expected pair of covers to track down if one is a completist. Stjepan Sejic is the Regular cover artist and it’s a great image of Jessica Cruz as Power Ring holding Simon Baz by the throat about to deliver a fist to his face with her right. Simon has grabbed her head with his right and is about to give her his left fist. Both like as if they’re going to clean the other’s clock. Jessica has a stream of green flame coming off her as opposed to the typical green outline that surrounds a lantern. Behind the pair are two monstrous demon-like green creatures expressing joy at the heroes battling. Nice action cover with the characters looking good. Unconscious on a bed of skulls, the emerald spirits of Jessica and Simon rise out of their bodies screaming into the void. This Variant cover by Brandon Peterson is another creeper. First, having the lanterns atop skulls is not good. Second, having their ghosts rising out of their bodies looking as though they’re in pain is unsettling. I really like the stark coloring and Jessica’s specter looks amazing. Overall grades: Regular A and Variant A+

The story: This is the concluding chapter of “Ghosts of the Past” by Tim Seeley. In the recent past, Jessica is at the Green Lantern Sector Base which Simon has been using for his home. The place is a mess, with clothes and empty cans everywhere. She’s there to charge her ring, but can’t since he left his underwear over it. Tossing the garment aside, they jointly charge their rings. In the present, within the Green Realm, a construct of Cruz’s mind, Jessica’s costume has changed to that of Power Ring, whose ring she’s always worn. She’s garbed in this attire because she has finally remembered who killed her friends and now she wants revenge. The two killers find her behind a tree, their guns raised to kill her, but she’s smiling in anticipation. Before either of them can do anything, “Hey! Bad memories!” is yelled out. It’s Simon, pushing the shooters down. He tells them that they cannot let their faces be seen by Jessica. He believes that if they do she will remain this evil persona in the real world. He tells the men to run, just in time to turn to see Jessica exploding with power and setting the forest aflame. Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, the black hole has disappeared and Jessica’s apartment has reformed. This prompt’s Constantine to say, “I regret every time I answer the Justice League call.” The aperture has closed because Singularity Jain got what she wanted from the traumatized lantern and now she wants the League. Only two characters escape this villain’s wrath and they seek a weapon. The issue goes back and forth between Simon trying to convince Jessica she’s not a vengeful person and John with another trying to save the heroes. I liked the lanterns’ dialogue. This type of conversation occurs often in superhero books, but this was an engaging read. My hat is off to Seeley for making this work so well. The reader should not discount the Constantine scenes either, because Page 11 ends with a great cliffhanger. 15 has some solid scenes that made me think of the Rebirth Event, though it wasn’t. The villain’s fate is outstanding and the final page has this series looking to team up with DC’s other Lantern title. This was a solid, satisfying ending. Overall grade: A

The art: The artwork on this book is also great. The pencils are by V. Ken Marion with inks by Sandu Florea. Simon’s horrible upkeep of the Sector House on the first page is funny, with one design on a tossed tee particularly good. I love Jessica’s reactions in the final two panels on this page, with that last one’s raised eyebrow killer. Their recharging sequence is classic, as all lantern chargings are illustrated. Jessica’s demeanor on the third page is extremely different, with her looking focused and relishing what she’s about to do. The face on the killer that ends Page 3 is a terrific bad guy visage. Jessica’s power at the end of the next page is amazing. She is a monster. The next panel shown is Constantine’s reaction to something going wrong, which happens often to him. I love seeing him like this and Marion and Florea do not disappoint. Singularity Jain also a change in this issue, with her new face shown atop Page 6. The exit of the characters at the bottom of the page may seem cheesy to some, but this is a classic throwback to comics of the sixties. I loved it. Jessica’s back and forth with Simon is good with her unique constructs, which have been teased in the previous three issues, looking great. My favorite panel of the issue is at the bottom of 11. I never ever expected to see this in a book and his reaction is awesome. My favorite page is 15, showing characters despair, but saved in a way that resembles the cover to DC Universe: Rebirth #1. This just made me smile immensely. The arrival on 16 is only missing heroic music for the actions shown. The same can be said of the return on 17. The fate of Jain on 19 was a joy to see and entirely fitting. The last page shows other characters associated with power rings with the individual in the last panel looking tremendous. Marion and Florea need to be on a monthly book, DC. Find them something! Something in space! With a lot of characters! Maybe a Legion of characters! Please! Overall grade: A+ 

The colors: Dinei Ribeiro is the issue’s colorist and she is as strong as Marion and Florea. Look at the outstanding work done on the leads’ costumes, with muscles and reflections perfect. The work done on the characters’ skin is also excellent. The greens on the second page dominate, but Ribeiro doesn’t let them overpower the artwork, instead using every possible shade of emerald to make the page work. The yellows on 4 are great, since that’s a color that green lanterns can be beaten by. Take note that Ribeiro has also colored Simon’s exclamation in the same color. Nice. Yellows dominate the lanterns’ tale and this creates a frightening tone for long time readers, knowing that this color can kill them, but also allows their green costumes to pop off the page. The colors are also great on 15, with each character getting a unique background color. The greens shown in the third panel on the penultimate page tell a reader, through the colors, what the location is. The final page is beautiful for the greens in the large panel. That’s the right word for Ribeiro’s work: beautiful. Overall grade: A+

The letters: This issue’s text by Dave Sharpe includes scene settings, dialogue, ring speech, yells, sounds, laughter, some unique villains’ speech, the story’s title, and the book’s credits. I can always identify a yell that’s created by Sharpe by its thin, precise linework and Simon utters one at the bottom of Page 4. The laughter uttered by Jain is similar to Power Ring’s exit in the previous issue; a neat way to tie the two characters together visually. There’s a quite a bit of dialogue in this issue, but Sharpe is able to insert his text without covering important elements of the art. Sharpe is always aces. Overall grade: A

The final line: A solid conclusion with the heroes battling for one’s future. The story is satisfying, with John Constantine having some great moments. The visuals are exceptional, in both art and colors, and someone at DC must get all three contributors locked onto a series for as long as possible. The final page teases that Jessica and Simon are in for changes from the higher ups. Overall grade: A

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Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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