In Review: Green Hornet – Reign of the Demon #1

Hornets, and Katos, and Demons. Oh My!

Synopsis: Along with his partner Kato,  the Green Hornet cleans up the streets of Chicago by pretending to be a mobster. Though he has had many triumphs, power abhors a vacuum. Enter the new gangster Demone aka The Demon. With two masked mobster in play, Chicago is in for a bitter war. Will the Green Hornet emerge victorious, or will he be burned by the Demon’s wrath?

Review: Having been around for ages, the Green Hornet’s exploits in comics are legendary. Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon #1 shows why. Writer David Liss and artist Kewber Baal offer up an action packed and exciting story for a modern audience. Liss gives us all of the pertinent information on the character and this version of Chicago through narration. It is perfect with the crime noir genre that this world inhabits, and it also gets the reader up to speed. (I particularly found this helpful as it has been a bit of a stint since I was last exposed to the franchise.) Green hornet has had a major win with taking out the mobster Vito Cerelli and his crime syndicate, but what is so interesting is how short-lived the victory is. Someone has taken the mobster’s old stomping grounds, and it is not up to Green Hornet and Kato to end this new threat. Demone, the Demon, proves every bit as prepared as our hero. In fact, he appears to be several steps ahead of Hornet’s attempts. Demon comes across as mysterious yet solid. A testament to the solid writing.

Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon #1 represents a new era for the series. The writing and art are fresh, yet the book carries the required nostalgia. The characters are fully present, and the world they inhabit feels vibrant. This is the perfect jumping on point for anyone who wants a bit of old school crime fighting.

Green Hornet - Reign of the Demon #1
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