In Review: Green Hornet #3

Mulan and Daily Sentinel reporter Tai reunite with Britt Jr. But he refuses to take the mantle of the Green Hornet back!

Synopsis: In Istanbul, Mulan and Daily Sentinel reporter Tai reunite with Britt Jr. But he refuses to take the mantle of the Green Hornet back! Meanwhile, things get complicated when the mysterious hero The Oko reappears and blames the Green Hornet in Sebastian’s death.

Review: Mulan and Tai reconnect with Britt Jr. and learn of a huge conspiracy involving Britt’s old college fraternity. This issue sees the group making a run for it from Oko as well as various other parties.

The way in which writer Amy Chu lays out the whole conspiracy via the use of Britt telling Mulan about it while driving felt very organic and natural as well as fun. Having Britt’s old Fraternity be a global organization of terrorist looking to carve up the world between them though is probably a plot device we have seen in other books and comics in recent years. So much is going to depend on how this pays off in future issues. So watch this space.

I loved the banter back and forth between Mulan and Britt, but also loved the third person stuff where Britt is talking to us readers.

The artwork by German Erramouspe is consistent throughout and I particularly enjoyed the panels where Oko was chasing after Britt and the gang on his motorcycle. In fact, most of the action panels in this book have been pretty solid and felt fairly visceral.

Overall. This issue nudges the story along a little bit and gives just enough away about the conspiracy and Britt’s old Fraternity to keep me invested for further issues, but something really huge needs to happen in the next couple of issues to keep me on the line.

Amy Chu’s characterizations continue to be really strong, but the narrative needs a little more of a push. Hopefully, we’ll see that happen in the next issue.

Green Hornet #3
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