In Review: Green Hornet #2

The new Green Hornet embarks on her journey to become a hero and faces a threat unlike any she’s ever faced before.

Synopsis: The new Green Hornet embarks on her journey to become a hero and faces a threat unlike any she’s ever faced before.

Review: Picking up moments from where the last issue left off Mulan has taken on the mantle of Green Hornet and her father has returned to his previous role of Kato in order to show the criminal underworld that the Hornet is still out there and is a force to be reckoned with.

After her first time wearing the mask. Mulan returns to the day job at the family company and learns that the companies stock is falling. This prompts her into action and sees her and a friend taking an impromptu visit to Istanbul in order to try and find Britt Ried Jr. The search takes her to the luxury boat of a Mr. Cabot an old acquaintance of Britt’s

Amy Chu continues to provide some awesome character work and picks up the Bataan from where Kevin Smith left off and gives us a surprisingly fresh adventure. Mulan is great in the role of Green Hornet, but she is even better as an investigator. I love the way in which Mulan is taking to the reader in the third person while we read the various conversations and events contained within the pages.

The artwork from German Erramouspe continues to shine. I love the way in which he captured Mulan throwing her kicks and various wushu moves when taking on street thugs and the detail of each panel is a visual feast.

Overall. A solid second issue with a surprising cliffhanger that most fans will likely enjoy while simultaneously seeing it as a WTF moment. I look forward to the next issue to see where the story is going to go. Will we be staying in Istanbul for awhile? I hope so.

Green Hornet 2018 #2
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