In Review: Gotham Mad City – Time Bomb

A threat to Lee and Mario is exposed on the eve of their rehearsal dinner and Falcone comes to Jim for help.

Synopsis: A threat to Lee and Mario is exposed on the eve of their rehearsal dinner and Falcone comes to Jim for help. Meanwhile, Nygma plans his revenge and Bruce learns more about the Court of Owls.

Review: Lots revealed in this week. Most notable is the fact that Mario is under the influence of Alice’s blood and seems to have pissed some of the wrong people off.

The episodes title this week works on two levels. The first is the bomb that goes off when an attempt is made on Mario Falcone’s life. The second is the ticking time bomb that is Mario as he slowly loses his capacity for reason. It could also be the amount of time that Carmine Falcone gives to Jim Gordon to find the person that planted the car bomb. Either way this is a great episode that has a lot happening.

Elsewhere Nygma who is still majorly pissed about the death of Isabella had captured Butch and Tabitha and is putting a consignment of bondage gear to good use. Lots of scenes of Nygma taunting and torturing Butch, but to no avail given that he has the wrong people. Luckily Butch and Tabitha have a real good friend in  Barbara Gordon who indulges in a bit of the old torture herself in order to find Butch and Tabitha’s whereabouts. The scene where she gets the gullible store clerk to show her how to use the equipment is funny as hell. Even funnier is the pained expression on his face as she leaves him there.

Back at Wayne Manor we learn that Ivy has been taken and Bruce things she has been taken by the Court Of Owls because the key she stole has their logo on it, but it turns out to be the Whisper Gang. Anyhow they do an exchange and shortly after the gang leader is taken out.

Back at torture central. Barbara had caught up with Butch and Tabitha and scared Nygma away. She has also figured out that it was Penguin that killed Nygma’s girlfriend and she looks like the cat that got the cream as she divulges this to Butch.

If there is a criticism for this week. I think they tried to cram to much in. The bits with Bruce Wayne and the Whisper gang felt a bit hurried when compared to the eventual twist at the close of the episode.

Me thinks things are going to kick off.

Gotham Mad City - Time Bomb
  • The Good: Barbara's comedic moment at the Bondage store
  • The Bad: I felt they tried to cram to much in this week.
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