In Review: Gotham Mad City – The Executioner

Gordon and Bullock sift through evidence from the murder at Lee and Mario's engagement party

Synopsis: Gordon and Bullock sift through evidence from the murder at Lee and Mario’s engagement party, Ivy discloses her identity to Selena and Bruce.

Review: Following on from last week. Jim Gordon tells Bullock that he suspected Barnes of the murder, which took place at the engagement party. Bullock is reluctant, but agrees to help with the investigation so that he can prove that Barnes is innocent.

Meanwhile Barnes is continuing his role as judge, jury and executioner and hangs three known crooks that he has spent a lot of time investigating.

Elsewhere Ivy has been using her feminine charms to manipulate and get stuff from men, but has taken things a step further by stealing an emerald necklace from one of her suitors. Things break bad for her when she gets chased by some guys who she thinks are his men. So she goes to Selena for help and Bruce winds up helping out by offering Ivy $5000 for the Necklace so that they can give it back.

Back at the police department Gordon meets Barnes who wants his help in an investigation. It appears that Barnes is aware that Gordon is investigating him and wants to find out if Gordon will go a long with him. When Barnes murders the perp that they are after. Gordon objects and a conversation about ethics and crossing the line ensues, which pretty much goes nowhere. Barnes pretty much gives Gordon an ultimatum saying he is either with or against him. Gordon looking to be the good Cop tries to get Barnes to back down. As things get heated Bullock turns up with some officers, which is all the distraction that Gordon needs to take Barnes down.

This was an enjoyable episode because we got to see Gordon on the road to redeeming himself while Barnes who was undergoing a psychotic break due to the hit that he got from Alice’s blood was trying to tap into Gordon’s past mistakes in the hopes that he’d look the other way.

It was also fun seeing the dynamic between the new Ivy, Selena and Bruce as they set out to try and do the right thing, but wind up in much deeper than they expected.

The closing moments where we see Barnes in his cell at Arkham were chilling to say the least. Somehow I don’t think we have seen the end of Barnes.

Gotham Mad City: The Executioner
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