In Review: Gotham: Mad City – New Day Rising

Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham.

Synopsis: Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile Gordon turns Alice into the GCPD for the bounty.

Review: With the Mad Hatter still in the wind. Gordon hands Alice over to the custody of GCPD, but is still struggling with the tic tac after effects of being hypnotised. So to that end he takes custody back in order to lure the Hatter out of hiding.

Penguin has somewhat of a falling out with Nigma when it seems that he is not as enthusiastic about the race for Mayor as he is, but in fact he is actually trying to help his old friend.

Meanwhile after having spent some time on a job with Selena the Bruce Wayne double returns to Wayne Manor to bid farewell to the real Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

Not so much happening this week than there was in the last episode, but given that this is all mostly the fall out from that. It comes as no surprise.

The relationship dynamic between Jim and Lee has changed somewhat, but the two remain friends and Lee still cares for him. To the point of putting him on suicide watch due to the hypnotised state in which he can suddenly find himself when he hears a ticking clock or metronome.

The episode left us with more questions than answers and the unfortunate death of Alice at the end will have ramifications given that he blood is particularly toxic and can turn regular human beings into mutants.

We also will see ramifications of Penguin now being the Mayor. So lots to look forward to next week.


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