In Review: Gotham Mad City – Follow The White Rabbit

Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Gordon to make some tough decisions.

Synopsis: Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Gordon to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile Penguin and Nygma’s relationship evolves, and a familiar face comes back into Nygma’s life.

Review: This episode sees the Mad Hatter playing a dangerous game in which he is looking to force Gordon into choosing who lives and who dies. The game culminates with Gordon having to choose between Lee and Valarie Vale.

In the Mayors Office Penguin is developing feelings for Nygma, which go beyond friendship and is trying to get the courage up to let Nygma know.

There was lots to like about this episode and some great performances from all concerned.

However Kudos must go to Benedict Samuel who is completely unhinged as the Mad Hatter who blames Gordon for the death of his sister Alice. The scene in which Hatter has Gordon, Lee and Valarie Vale at the dinner table is mesmorising to watch. Especially during the few moments in which Gordon manages to provoke a reaction from the Hatter who loses control for just a few fleeting moments before regaining his composure.

Given that the Hatter manages to escape yet again. It will be interesting to see what other plans he can pull out of his proverbial hat in the weeks to come.

Thus far the third season is proving to be every bit as compelling as last year, but they really need to bring a couple more villains into the show given that the first few weeks have been heavily reliant on the Mad Hatter.

Gotham Mad City - Follow The White Rabbit
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