In Review: Gotham Mad City – Blood Rush

The affects of a recent incident begin to cause Barnes to go mad.

Synopsis: The affects of a recent incident begin to cause Barnes to go mad. Nygma is in over his head with his relationship with Isabella.

Review: Over the last few weeks. We have seen the affects of Alice’s blood gradually taking hold on Captain Barnes. This week things come to a head. Barnes has bolted from his proverbial barn and has murdered someone and damn near killed another. He’s hearing voices in his head and has totally lost his judgement.

I have to wonder if this is the event that will see Gordon installed as chief of police or even Bullock as a literal placeholder until the shows producers decide to promote Gordon up the chain.

Meanwhile things are moving forward at pace when it comes to Nygma’s relationship with Isabella, but when she turns up wearing similar glasses to his deceased girlfriend Nygma loses it and tries to end the relationship. He even goes as far as getting Penguin to break the news to Isabella, but she does not accept Nygma’s reasons, which leads to an interesting standoff between Penguin who has deep feelings for Nygma and Isabella. This standoff has consequences.

Carmine Falcone throws his son Mario and Leslie Tompkin’s an engagement party. Everyone from the city is invited, which includes a perb that Barnes had arrested and brought to GCPD.

This was a brilliant episode for Michael Chiklis as Barnes and I look forward to seeing how this story thread continues in next weeks episode. 


Gotham Mad City - Blood Rush
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