In Review: Gotham: Legend of Dark Knight: Trespassers

Gordon and Bullock investigate a location where several kids have been kidnapped

Synopsis: Gordon and Bullock investigate a location where several kids have been kidnapped; Barbara proves to be an unlikely ally to Gordon; Bruce looks into an alleged witch with healing powers to Selina; Nygma deals with his demons.

Review: Gordon puts his neck on the line in order to save some kids from a wicked gang leader known as sykes.

The Story

Gordon and Bullock go to Barbara for help to get some armored cars in order to rescue some kids from a part of Gotham known as the Red Zone. Barbara, who is still ticked off over the death of her best friend reluctantly agrees to provide the trucks that Gordon needs.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is desperate to help Selina and winds up enlisting the help of Ivy who gives him some seed of a plant, which will restore Selina to full health, but at what cost.

Elsewhere Nygma is still dealing with his blackouts and finds that he has been trying to track down the base of the Demons and learns that he’d taken a hostage, which he winds up having to interrogate all over again.

The Acting

David Mazouz puts in a very mature performance this week as a desperate Bruce Wayne, who’d literally agree to almost anything in order to save Selina.  His scenes with Peyton List as Ivy are really well performed and pretty well written.


For the most part. This episode is a nice little rescue story with a view to creating some set up for what is to come in future weeks.

I like the fact that Barbara becomes an unlikely ally by the close of the story. And it will be interesting to see where they go with that given Gordon’s early History with Barbara before she became the criminal mastermind that she has become with her Siren network.

The parts of the episode set in the spooky house were a fun addition, which makes me wonder if that will be revisited or was just throwaway material in order to pad out the episode a little.

Jeremiah Valeska is still out of sight, but not very far out of mind.


Gotham: Legend of Dark Knight: Trespassers
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