In Review: Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #6

It all ends here!

Synopsis: It all ends here! Melmoth is looking to destroy the world before anyone else gets their evil hands on it, but he better watch out-the Monsters aren’t ready to see their planet die. It may not treat them the best, but it’s home! Frankenstein, in particular, has a big stake in stopping Melmoth. If he can defeat this diabolical mastermind once and for all, it means he will be free of the curse of their shared blood.

Review: The story concludes, but the writer leaves an opening for a potential follow up.

The Story

Having gathered at the swamp to save two school teachers from being sacrificed by Melmoth. Frankenstein and his team play out a plan, which allows an opening for them to separate Melmoths immortal soul from his body. The idea is to trap his soul for as long as they can by whatever means, but that part of the plan is Red Phantoms’ responsibility.

The Artwork

Amancay Nahuelpan brings his best work to this final issue with some epic splash pages in which we see Melmoth’s final moments. I loved the page where we saw Melmoth being struck by Batwoman. There was a definite cinematic quality to this issue and the final pages where we see the team gathered together before disbanding suggests that we could see them reformed in the future. At least I hope so because I love DC Comics take on Frankenstein and would love to see him return with Nahuelpan doing the art.

Trish Mulvihill provided some fantastic colorwork throughout the run and made Nahuelpan’s pencil and ink work really pop out of the pages.


Steve Orlando concludes what has been an absolutely epic story and leaves himself a little wiggle room to return by having Frankenstein say that he will be waiting to see what other evils will seep into this universe from the multiverse. Hopefully, he will get a chance to tell us that story in another mini-series at some future date.

Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #6
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