In Review: Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #5

Frankenstein and the gang take on a classic line up of monsters

Synopsis: Melmoth has summoned the Monster League of Evil from the depths of the Multiverse to serve as his minions and destroy the Gotham City Monsters. Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy and…Frankenstein?! It’s Frank versus Frank in this showdown to save the Multiverse as we know it!

Review: Our heroes come face to face with a different league of monsters that might well be models on the classic universal monsters of the 1930s.

The Story

Frankenstein and the team take on Melmoths collection of monsters, which includes Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, and Frankenstein, but the battle is merely a distraction to allow Melmoth to fulfill the final stages of his plans in the swamp.

The battle of monsters is lots of fun and we see a rather unique way of killing Dracula as Frankenstein makes use of Red Phantom by hurling a brick at the vampire’s heart.

Aside from the action we also get some nice character beats as Red Phantom and Lady Clay have a conversation about the nature of their powers and what the personal costs have been in regards to having them. We also get a nice conversation between Killer Croc, Orca, and Batwoman. Croc and Orca basically expressing their feelings about working with a member of the Bat-family when for the most part that family has usually been out to get them.

The story ends on a twist that sort of occurred to me as soon as I saw Melmoth was using the swamp for the final stage of his plans.

The Artwork

Amancay Nahuelpan delivers some great art in this issue. Of particular note is the panel in which we see Red Phantom with help from Frankenstein perform a killer blow on Dracula. The way in which Red Phantom emerges in true form out of Dracula’s exploding chest was particularly gruesome and beautifully drawn.  I also thought the artwork done in the swamp where Melmoth is going through the final stages of his plan was also well drawn to the point where I was beginning to wonder if Swamp Thing was going to pop up and save the day. He might just yet for all I know, but it didn’t happen in this issue.

Nahuelpan’s pencil and ink work are helped once more with some wonderful colorwork from Trish Mulvihill who manages to produce some nice effects.


Steve Orlando has set things up beautifully for next month’s final issue in which we will see Melmoth ultimately defeated, but the how of that remains to be seen given that the closing page of this issue stacks the odds a tad more in Melmoths favor. Either way. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this ends.

Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #5
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