In Review: Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #4

Batwoman kicks her way into some Monster action!

Synopsis: Melmoth has come to Gotham City, and he’s ready to use the dark forces of the city to carry out his final attack on the Multiverse at large. While he figured his old servant Frankenstein would be rallying his monstrous friends to give him trouble, Melmoth didn’t bargain on the Bat-family taking notice.

Review: Having made an initial appearance in the closing pages of last month’s issue. Batwoman is given a fuller role in this fourth issue of the series.

The Story

While Melmoth is rallying his troops and escalating his plans with some help from the old crime bible. The Monsters have a chance encounter with Batwoman who has been tracking Orca. As she engages with Orca The Batwoman learns that the giant killer whale is part of the Gotham City monsters, which is led by Frankenstein. The monsters lay it all out for Batwoman by explaining they are trying to stop a far greater evil in the form of Melmoth who has plans to mold the multiverse into something far more sinister than any of them. Having had dealings with Melmoth in the past. Batwoman decides to join them and sets about helping them formulate a solid plan of attack, but nothing can prepare them for the ace that Melmoth is about to reveal. A far more sinister group of monsters and Frankenstiend mirror image.


Amancay Nahuelpan produces some stunning pencils and inks for this issue, which is helped greatly with some fabulous colorwork from Trish Mulvihill.

All the Batwoman stuff and the brief altercation between her and Orca was great fun. But the best imagery for my money came from the various Melmoth bits where he was grasping the book of crime and commanding his followers, which all lead up to the introduction of the Monster League, which is made up of classic horror monsters.


This is a really satisfying issue in many ways. I enjoyed the circumstance behind Batwoman’s introduction and the fact that S.H.A.D.E. was so organized with its record-keeping that they had a file on the Bat-family.

I also enjoyed how Melmoth was voiced in this issue. I can very nearly hear his voice cockily talking us through his plans in my head. I’d be very interested in getting some of this character’s backstory and learn a little about his origins because he is a fun villain.

Overall. A solid issue to a series that has been getting better with each chapter.



Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #4
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