In Review: Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #2

Frankenstein Looks to lead a fight back again Melmoth

Synopsis: Melmoth’s attack on Gotham City has immediate consequences for the denizens of Monster Town, and the losses suffered by Frankenstein and the other monsters have suddenly made this very, very personal.

Review: All hell breaks loose as Melmoth takes out an entire theatre of people. Frankenstein organizes a group of monsters to fight.

The Story

In the aftermath of Melmoth’s attack on the theatre. Frankenstein meets up with the Red Phantom and learns about how he is bonded to the Theatre. Andrew Bennett having healed from the wounds inflicted on him decides to go after Melmoth himself and refuses to heed Frankenstein’s advice.

Frankenstein persuades Lady Clay, Orca, Killer Croc and Red Phantom to aid him in the fightback against Melmoth. Each member of Frankenstein’s new team has a personal stake in getting some payback against the evil that is Melmoth.

The Art

Once again Amancay Nahuelpan brings some great work to the pages of this book. I particularly liked the panels, which introduced Red Phantom and the brief conversation between Phantom, Frankenstein, and Andrew Bennett toward the end of the fight in the theatre. I also liked the panels concerning how Clay Lady comes to join the group as well as the few panels, which see Orca decide to join.

I think the best sequence is toward the close of the comic where Bennett tries to face off against Melmoth and suddenly realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew. The pained and bemused facial expression we see on Bennetts’s face is absolutely priceless.

Once again. Trish Mulvihill’s color do a great job of complimenting Steve Orlando’s line work.


A fairly strong second issue, which gets the various characters where they need to be in order for Frankenstein to begin the fight back. I look forward to seeing where this will go in the next issue. Too bad there is only going to be six in all.


Gotham City Monsters (2019-) #2
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