In Review: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (Amazon Home Premier)

Two ancient titans, Godzilla and Kong, clash in an epic battle as humans unravel their intertwined origins and connection to Skull Island's mysteries.

Synopsis: In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Two ancient titans, Godzilla and Kong, clash in an epic battle as humans unravel their intertwined origins and connection to Skull Island’s mysteries.


The Story

When King Kong turns up with an infected tooth it sets off a chain of events in which we see Monarch scientist Ilene Andrews and her adopted daughter Jia track a signal to Hollow Earth where something is not quite right. They are joined by Trapper who is a vet for Titans and podcaster Bernie Hayes who helped out in the previous Godzilla movie. As they investigate they learn that Kongs journey into Hollow Earth to look for his kind has caused a disturbance that could have cataclysmic circumstances for both our Earth and the Hollow Earth. As the group journeys deeper into Hollow Earth they find a group of humans called the  Iwi who are the tribe that Jia belonged to when she lived on Skull Island before she was rescued. The Iwi take Ilene and her group in and reveal that Jia is quite special and the key to helping King Kong and Godzilla defeat Skar King and Shimo two nasty monsters that want to rule Hollow Earth and our Earth. 


The Acting

Rebecca Hall puts in a solid performance as Dr. Andrews and has some wonderful scenes with Jia (Kaylee Hottle) where the two communicate in sign Language. The micro-expressions of concern and love on both actor’s faces are great and really sell the dramatic tension of many of their scenes. Much of the comic relief in the film is provided by Dan Stevens and Brian Tyree Henry as Trapper and Bernie who form a bit of a fun odd couple friendship that is fun to watch. I loved the scene where Bernie gets freaked out when he sees Mikael eaten by a man-eating plant. 



Of course the real stars of this movie are Godzilla and King Kong. Though Kong gets a majority of the screen time as he tells the human side of the story while Godzilla focuses more on the aspects of the story that take place on Earth as we see him defeat a few titans and make use of a nuclear power plant to boost his strength. We also get introduced to Scar King an evil version of Kong that wants to rule over both Hollow Earth and our Earth he has a creature called Shimo enslaved that can breath pure ice and is believed to have been responsible for Earths Ice Age. Added to this we also meet several other apes in the story as well as a small ape called Suko who gradually forms a close bond with King Kong and helps in the fight as best as he can. In fact a good 20 minutes of the film is spent in silence as we see Kong meet his kind for the first time and meet and gradually earn shimo’s trust. Its really quite beautiful and makes a change from getting long scenes of dialogue that give you a big info dump.

Overall Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is a fun film that adds a lot more mythology to the movie series as we learn more about Hollow Earth and the Titans. Hopefully this won’t wind up being the last film in this series as have found each and everyone of these movies really enjoyable.


Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is available to buy and rent on Amazon and other good streaming services one of the many Home Premier releases that people have been enjoying since Covid. But if you wait a few weeks you will likely see the price point drop to a less expensive rental price. I just purchased outright as I collect both digital and physical media.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (Amazon Home Premier)
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