In Review: Godzilla Vs. Kong

In a time when monsters walk the Earth. Humanity's fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide

Synopsis: In a time when monsters walk the Earth. Humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages.


The Story

When Apex Cybernetics starts experimenting with things that it shouldn’t be. Godzilla comes to the surface and gives their Florida facility a jolly good trashing. After this shocking event. The CEO of Apex Walter Simmons becomes more determined to find a more powerful source of energy to run his projects.

To that end. Simmons approached fellow physicist and scientist Nathan Lind and provides him with some resources to go into Hollow Earth where they both believe they can find this super powerful energy, which could solve the world’s problems. However, there is a slight problem. They need help from Kong to guide them to where this energy is.

Kong is being kept in a facility on Skull Island, which is designed to hide his unique energy signature from the attentions of Godzilla. But the giant ape is wanting out. If Lind and his party take Kong out of there it means that the giant ape could come into contact with Godzilla.

Added to this excitement is a conspiracy-based storyline in which Podcaster Bernie Hayes is investigating Apex Cybernetics because he believes they are up to no good. It just so happens that Madison Russell, who we first met in ‘Godzilla King of Monsters’ agrees with him. And the two team up to investigate.


The Acting

As always. It is the monsters that are the real stars of this movie, but we also get some pretty good acting performances too.

Millie Bobby Brown reprises her role as Madison and gets tons to do as she teams up with conspiracy theorist and podcaster Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry). With Madison’s friend Josh tagging along. The two scope out Apex Cybernetics and uncover some frightening secrets, which prove to be setting up for an epic battle of monsters Vs. A machine at the close of the movie.

Brian Tyree Henry is absolutely brilliant in his role and totally believable. Millie Bobby Brown is also great and embraces returning to the role of Madison, who is now a much more confident young woman.

Alexander Skarsgård makes a great fist of playing his role as anti-hero Nathon Lind who is rather skeptical about his mission and does not really have the best interest of his fellow travelers or kong in mind. Rebecca Hall is convincing as Ilene Andrews. Who is the scientist that has been looking after Kong.

Demián Bichir gives us a pretty decent take on the greedy capitalist villain of the piece and has some pretty good scenes. Although seeing how he gets taken out at the close of the movie is both poetic and funny at the same time.

Special mention should go to Kaylee Hottle who plays a young girl called Jia who is not able to speak and uses sign language to communicate. Jia is being looked after by Ilene Andrews in the film and she is the only human character that is able to communicate with Kong. Which comes in rather handy. The young actor does an amazing job with what is a difficult role to play.



This movie is absolutely awesome if you are a fan of monster movies and love seeing entire cities trashed by monsters. Which I do. I wish they’d do one in London though. I’d love to see Kong pluck Big Ben from its foundations and eat it like a Mars Bar. But sadly London is too small of a city for these titans.

The battles between Kong and Godzilla are awesome and brilliantly done. Although the bigger of the two fights pretty level the entirety of Hong Kong. The CGI and effects are fantastic and do actually convince you that these monsters are real. I particularly enjoyed the sequence where we visit Hollow Earth. This is apparently where we’ll most likely find zero-point energy.

The conspiracy story is cleverly done and interspersed with the journey to the hollow earth. I loved how the writers managed to get lots of the things you’d hear from conspiracy theories. Things such as washing yourself with Bleach so that you can get rid of any biological trackers that the government may have planted on you. At one point we see the Bernie Hayes character snapping photos with an old-style mobile phone from the early 2000s. I.E. no smart technology on it other than a camera and maybe a game.

Overall. This film is tons of fun. And we get a brilliant monster battle toward the end.


Godzilla Vs. Kong is available to rent now through Sky Store and Playstation Network as well as other streaming services.

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