In Review: Giant-Size Daredevil (2024) #1 – SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT, DAREDEVIL!


Synopsis: SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT, DAREDEVIL! He’s on the hunt: One of DAREDEVIL’s deadliest and most dangerous foes, empowered by forces unknown even to himself, prepares for the kill. Yes, none other than KINGPIN, stalking the streets of Manhattan by night. And no matter the speed with which Daredevil moves…there will be blood.


The Story

Having been away for a time. The Kingpin plans to make a return to Hells Kitchen and decides to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for Daredevil to follow. While going about his business. Wilson Fisk looks back over his life and the years he has spent fighting The Daredevil. When he visits a local bar. He makes sure that all the customers can hear when he leaves his address with the bartender. Fisk wants to make it easy for Daredevil to find him. I loved all the stuff where Kingpin is recapping his past encounters with Daredevil and talking about them both being from the same area of new york, but both having very different upbringings.



With some great cover art by Bryan Hitch this issue lands with a bit splash. Paul Davidson provides all the interior art and does some great work as we see Kingpin get down to some bloody business and announce his return to Hell’s Kitchen. Many of the best panels are those where we see Kingpin dishing out some homicidal visitations in order to announce his arrival.



Overall. A strong issue with a cliffhanger that will get resolved in issue 10 of the regular book that will be on sale soon. As a bonus for this bumper issue we also get a chance to revisit the events of issue 170 by Frank Miller – A.K.A. “THE KINGPIN MUST DIE!” So this issue is truly a fiskfull of dollars. I can’t wait for the next issue.



Giant-Size Daredevil (2024) #1
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