In Review: Ghosts Series 4

Ghosts Series 4 sees more fun from the ghost "family" at Button House.
Ghosts Series 4

Synopsis: Ghosts Series 4 sees more fun from the ghost “family” at Button House. The business is now up and running. But of course, things don’t go exactly as Alison (Charlotte Riley) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) planned . . .




The episodes in Ghosts Series 4 are self-contained, as is typical of the show. However, there are some narrative threads that run through the series. In particular, there’s a brand-new concept. We won’t say anymore, for those who are yet to watch it. The big other change this series is that Alison (Charlotte Riley) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) now have guests. This keeps things interesting. Furthermore, importantly it creates drama too between the ghosts . . .

A good and funny scene in one episode sees Julian (Simon Farnaby) spying on the guests in the gatehouse. He’s joined by Fanny (Martha Howe-Douglas) too. It’s this sort of character writing that makes the show work so well. We also see more of the ghosts’ backstories too, and we learn how they died. That’s important in the show and gives things emotional impact. As well as this is helps to build the characters too. The show’s writers do that very well.



There was a strong showing all round on this front. More than any other aspect the acting really makes Ghosts tick. Ghosts Series 4 offers us more wonderful acting from a truly talented cast. Something to look out for is the cast, the ghosts, playing multiple parts. There’s a range of acting too, as ever . . . For example, we see Robin (Laurence Rickard) easily shift from slapstick and witty humour to sudden depictions of sadness and intense emotion. There are more displays of hilarious unrequited love from Thomas (Matthew Baynton). We see Pat (Jim Howick) on top form too. In one scene he offers Mary (Katy Wix) holiday advice. She helps to make the scene wonderful. Lolly Adefope gives more wonderful depictions of Kitty, too. Really though it’s the ensemble that’s truly superb.


CGI & Effects

As we have said in our reviews of Ghosts Season 2 what really works is that things are simple. There doesn’t need to be any huge action sequences or detailed CGI. Because the show is a comedy you already suspend your disbelief, so the effects aren’t important. But there are more smart uses of CGI. We see how a traditional headless character can still work well if done properly. Especially when the head and the body are two separate characters. A good job here!


Ghosts Series 4 did exactly what it needed to. The enjoyable part of this fun show is the light-hearted escapism. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Yet, the writing is generally of a high quality. There were a few changes this time around and they were managed well. The implications were that Ghosts is being set up to end as a series soon . . .


In Review: Ghosts Season 4
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