In Review: Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #5

An extremely satisfying and fun conclusion that will please readers of all ages.

The covers: The first cover is the A by Corin Howell with colors by Russell Badgett which focuses on Erin Gilbert. She’s holding some Ghostbusters’ tech low in her right hand and a smoking beaker filled with a mysterious pink substance in her left. On either side of her are beautiful cabinets holding similar tech and eerie liquids in containers. Take note that some of those colorful liquids are bubbling! Down at the bottom of each cabinet is a Sphynx cat. Great illustration with great colors. The B cover is by Jeffrey Veregge and it’s fantastic. It’s a highly stylized version of the team against a black backdrop unleashing their proton guns onto an unseen foe. Each character looks incredible and the colors are neon delights. Someone get Veregge to do every cover of every future Ghostbusters book! The Photo RI cover is of Kirsten Wigg as Dr. Erin Gilbert. This is a scene from the film where Erin reunites with Abby in her lab. The look on Erin’s face communicates her loss for words at what she’s seeing. I love Photo covers and I love this. Overall grades: A A, B A+, and RI A+

The story: The concluding chapter to this tale written by Kelly Thompson opens with a quick one page introduction of the title characters and what each fears. This is a key point because in the previous issues each hero had been terrified by a evil spirit that traps them within their fears. Their proton guns surround the ghostly Kruger but they, again, fail to dispatch the specter. As the menace releases some of its vile juju to return the leads to what they fear, the heroes activate their neural connections that Holtzmann created. Each is trapped in a setting with what they fear and Holtzmann is the first that’s shown. She’s falling in a sea of darkness that has no beginning or end. She continually hits the button to activate her inhibitor, but she continues to fall. Yelling to no one, she says, “Wait. No. No. I had it. No! It works!” as she plummets to oblivion. Erin is shown next, though she does something she hadn’t done before, changing the outcome of Kruger’s horrors. I smiled as she emerged in a new location wearing an entirely different outfit. The next Ghostbuster is my favorite of the quartet and her dialogue with two other characters is fantastic — it’s completely in line with the character in the film. I cheered at the final dialogue in the fourth panel on Page 10 and the justification for it at the bottom of the page. The entrance on 13 is epic. And just when I thought that Thompson couldn’t top that for intensity, power, or laughs, the top of 18 is hilarious and triumphant. This is followed by laugh out loud dialogue at the bottom of the page. The final page is the perfect coda. I need to have Thompson writing more of this team’s exploits. Overall grade: A 

The art: This finale begins with a four fantastic horizontal panels that spotlights each of the Ghostbusters. Each character looks awesome under artist Corin Howell’s creation. I especially like that Holtzmann is smiling as she’s attempting to smite the spook. The introduction of Kruger is a partial double-paged spread that shows the monstrous spirit before the heroes with its arms open wide. When the Ghostbusters activate their neural devices they look absolutely wicked as they believe they are about to defeat their foe. Holtzmann’s horrors are strong because only she can be seen as she spirals into the infinite. Gilbert’s terrors begin with every speaker’s fear before metamorphosing into something monstrous that will make most people, including me, squirm. What she does to this horror is triumphant, before moving into a peer’s terror with hilarious results. The third Ghostbuster’s rescue is great because the visuals really amplify what the characters are saying to one another, such as Abby’s reactions on Page 10. The blasts on 11 and 12 are great. The entrance on 13 is epic! 16 is a full-paged splash that has the ‘busters looking at imminent doom, with Kruger looking more ghastly than ever. Heck, it’s even a little gross, but it’s not graphic. The entrance on 18 is unexpected and a fantastically fun visual. Increasing the humor of this large panel is the lack of reaction at the bottom of the page, which is just flat out funny. The exit on 19 is great and the joy in the third panel on the same page is terrific. The final close up of the characters is how every fan wants to see them, while their exit on 20 is cinematic. As with Thompson, I’d love to see Howell return to these characters. Overall grade: A  

The colors: Valentina Pinto is this issue’s colorist and she starts things off sweetly with the Ghostbusters standing before a violet background that lightens as the reader’s eye goes from left to right. This is a neat way to intensify the blast of their guns. There’s some good work on the heroes’ costumes and their hair to give them some added dimension. When Kruger is revealed he’s got some tremendous sick greens wrapping around the leads. I love that when the ‘busters activate their inhibitors the background goes a vibrant violet that really highlights the greens and the heroes. Abby’s secret horror has a fantastic sick spumoni look. When the blasters are employed later in the tale they get a strong yellow. When Kruger tries to fight back, Pinto tweaks the color slightly to give a twisted flavor. The oranges used in the final panel give the visuals a classy, Hollywood feel. Overall grade: A

The letters: One of IDW Publishing’s go-to letterers is Neil Uyetake who creates this issue’s narration and dialogue (the same font), yells, sounds, laughter, screams, ghostly speech, and ghostly screams. I do wish that the narration and dialogue had been in a different font, rather than differed by the shape of the balloons or boxes and colors, but they work. The screams are fun, done in several different fonts that capture each individual wail in large, stretched fonts. The ghostly speech adds to the creepiness of Kruger and his screams are also frightening. Overall grade: A-

The final line: An extremely satisfying and fun conclusion that will please readers of all ages. I can only hope that IDW doesn’t wait too long to have these heroes back in action, with the creative team that was behind this success. I need more! Overall grade: A

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Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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