In Review: Generation Zero #7

The mystery behind the Cornermen is finally revealed.

Synopsis: Generation Zero continues to investigate the weird dealings of the town of Rook. As the mysteries continue to pile up, Keisha and the rest of the Psiots attempt to rescue their teammates and loved ones from the Heroscape (a place in the mind of their teammate Animalia that also exists in a tower outside of town). The team uncovers shocking truths that could have drastic ramifications on their battle against those who run the town.

Review: There are some comic book series where you can jump into at any issue, and you will be totally fine. Generation Zero is not one of those series. This is not a detrimental statement at all. A series, such as this, should reward its readers with rich and complex stories, and issue #7 does just that. The team discovers how Jason Poole, aka the big bad, has been able to create such powerfully advanced weapons. There is so much information to cover in this issue, but Van Lente does a pretty decent job of progressing the plot while giving us a lot of action in between.

The bulk of this issue takes place in a location that does and does not exist in the real world. Conveying what a structure like this would look like is vitally important. The tower must simultaneously be a sophisticated and technological stronghold, but it also needs to be completely unreal and unfeasible. I think this was accomplished. The entire complex seems vast and impractical. For example, huge expanses in the facility are traversed with flying discs. As we all know, any high-tech structure worth their salt has huge empty expanses to be travelled across via flying light discs.

I like Generation Zero. It is a fun alternative to the Harbinger series. For those who have been reading from issue to issue, more light has been shed on just exactly what is going on in this small town. I thoroughly enjoy the mystery aspect of this series because it is somewhat a departure from what readers would expect.

Generation Zero #7
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