In Review: Game of Thrones – Clash of Kings #7

Searching for answers in snow and sand.

Synopsis: Both Jon Snow and Daenerys are searching desolate places for answers. Jon and the rest of the Knight’s Watch are attempting to discover why so many are abandoning their villages in the wilds, and Daenerys attempts to lead the remains of her people through a barren wasteland. Both know that hard lessons and truths lay ahead of them. For Jon, the knowledge of the dead rising is enough to chill any man to the core. Daenerys realizes that death will continue to brutally erode her people. However, this is a test of their wills, and they will be transformed by it.

Review: Issue #7 has a great deal of set up for Jon’s journey, but Daenerys’ portion is powerful on many fronts. Seeing her struggle to keep herself the pillar of strength is impactful. In this moment, you see she has lost so much, yet Daenerys has much more to lose in such a dire situation. Furthermore, Jorah recounting his fall from grace shows Daenerys what lengths people will go to achieve their goals. Thus, you realize that Jon and Daenerys both are learning the importance of clarity of perspective when dealing with perilous situations.

The wasteland pages are brilliant. They capture the feelings of desperation and doom perfectly. There is no hope on the horizon, so focusing the panels on the characters was the right choice. So although they are in the vast desert, the characters are hemmed in by the oppressive nature of their surroundings. It keeps the reader focused, and it also directs more attention to the dialogue. The flashback to Jorah’s past are also very well done. The tableau used during the recounting works well to give us the highlights to what has brought this man low.

Once again Clash of Kings has depicted the epic fairly well.

Game of Thrones - Clash of Kings #7
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