In Review: G.I. Joe: Saturday Morning Adventures #3 (of 4)

G.I. Joe has tracked down Cobra's new island base—and is making plans to invade!

Synopsis: G.I. Joe has tracked down Cobra’s new island base—and is making plans to invade! The Joes are determined to rescue Duke and regain everything that Cobra stole during their recent attacks in France, Japan, and the United States. Meanwhile, Cobra Commander’s temper leads to a misuse of his new source of power, one that might just expedite a showdown between his ruthless organization and America’s elite special mission force!


The Story

Picking things up from the last issue. Cobra Commander with help from The Genie has gotten away with lots of gold and captured Duke. Thankfully, due to the efforts of Scarlet and Mainframe. The G.I. Joes know where Cobra Commander has escaped too and have dispatched Quick Kick and Spirit along with a few others to rescue Duke.  Meanwhile, having witnessed Duke defeat his beast in the Arena. Cobra Commander is enraged and makes his final wish one that is very open to interpretation, which allows Genie to turn the tables on him.



Dan Schoening continues to capture the visual look and fun of the classic Saturday morning TV series. I especially loved the panels where we see The Genie using his powers to transport the Joes and Cobra’s people to a place where they can face each other. I could almost hear the cheesy eighties sound effects as these characters were teleported to The Genie’s chosen destination.

The artist also captured the dynamic movements of the battles between the Joe’s and Cobra Command’s people. But it was the battle in the arena between Duke and the Beast, which was the highlight.



Erik Burnham continues to capture the spirit and fun of the popular 80s cartoon series. I loved how the twist plays out at the end. Even though having watched a lot of cartoons. I kind of saw it coming. It was still great to see The Genie have his moment.


G.I. Joe: Saturday Morning Adventures #3 (of 4)
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