In Review: Fruit Ninja #1

A medley of cute stories for young readers.

Synopsis: Fruit Ninja #1 uses a familiar structure to tell multiple short stories. Story one shows the day in the life of a pig who is obsessed with eating peaches. The second story is an inane story about jetpacks and hippos. Finally, the last story sees our modern-day fruit ninjas learning to work together to overcome their adversary, Durian Grey. (One of the greatest names for a fruit related villain name.

Review: A comic series based off of the hit game is a light-hearted romp. Each story does what it does relatively well. The first story’s relied heavily on slapstick comedy. At times, this felt repetitive because it was so simple, but an element of comedy is repetition. The secondary story has two narrators. The combination of the protagonist and editor being a comedy duo is a smart idea. The two voices play off each other very well since they are the driving force in that tale. The final story is about teamwork through the use of dance. It is a very much lesson learned story. The best part of this story is the reveal of the villain name. Durian Grey (it just never gets old) is just a hilarious pun, and the introduction line is delivered with such earnestness. The scene can’t help but be funny.

The art for the entire issue is lighthearted and conveys a carefree spirit. Yes, there are foes to face, but none of them look sinister. Perfect for an all ages book. The action also in the jetpack story seems like something right out of the Cat in the Hat. For example, the panels where we see Steakfries propelled by a cake strapped to his back is the best visual in the entire issue. I also like seeing the buttercream used as a way to outrun the hippos instantly brought a smile to my face.

There isn’t much beyond what you see in Fruit Ninja, but what you see is whimsy and funny. That is enough.

Fruit Ninja #1
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