In Review: Frontiersman #5

Regionaire’s team of villains makes its move and lays siege to Frontiersman’s camp.

Synopsis: This time in Frontiersman. Regionaire’s team of villains makes its move and lays siege to Frontiersman’s camp. There’s no place to run for our aging hero—only a life-and-death battle! A violent, dramatic, action-heavy end to our first arc!


The Story

This final issue of the current arc picks up from where last month’s issue left off. Frontiersman and his amazonian girlfriend Bryn have been engaged in some vertical aerobics, but unbeknown to them. Their intimate time has been streaming live to the entire planet. This makes for some rather fun moments as we get to read various texts on Frontiersman’s phone. However, the fun soon comes to an end when Bryn leaves.

Unfortunately, our hero doesn’t get too much time to recuperate because just as he is settling down for a chilled-out day. Regionaire and his villains pay Frontiersman a visit and an almighty fight kicks off.


The Artwork

Marco Ferrari puts in overtime on this one as we see an epic battle as the winged form of Regionare throws our hero around like a dog’s chew toy. The visage of Regionare as drawn by the artist is impressive to say the least. As the artist goes big for this last issue. The final page is well and truly earned, but also somewhat concerning as we are left with a little bit of a cliffhanger, which I should imagine will lead into the next story arc.



Patrick Kindlon does a great job of finishing out this story arc. As to where the next story arc will go is anyone’s guess. But judging by how this issue ends. It’s going to have a rather traumatic beginning.

Overall. A fantastic issue to close the story arc on, and a wonderful cliffhanger to keep us all guessing about what is to come next.


Frontiersman #5
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